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Recent content by kawasakimanzx6

  1. kawasakimanzx6

    Want to upgragde motor mounts?

    i just installed the AVID motor mounts last week and i already have issues both my front and rear mount just fell apart if i knew how to attach a pic i would i cant believe it not even a week and they fell apart[/url][/IMG]
  2. kawasakimanzx6

    Parts for sale off my 2g DSM

    dang if you had a rear bumber i would of taken that for sure
  3. kawasakimanzx6

    Dsm Gathering

    only problem i have is you guys live to far or i would show up there needs to be something out in the west for those that dont live right next to the meet spot lol
  4. kawasakimanzx6

    Monthly DSM Meet Chander, AZ In-N-Out Burger

    how much are these tail lights there sick
  5. kawasakimanzx6

    Need a Dyno Tune

    dont know i have the AVC-R and the AFC Neo with a wideband and ive been able to get mine going right so far but it would be nice to have the ECU done and thats what the road testing does he will adjust everything
  6. kawasakimanzx6

    Need a Dyno Tune

    i dont know how to add links but there is a guy at wingz performance that knows his stuff so im told havent been there yet my self but if your looking for a good place to go this is were i was told to go
  7. kawasakimanzx6

    Need mechanic advice !!

    do you have a wideband gauge also with the 16g is the fuel system upgraded as well that might be a little problem if you dont have injectors the fuel pump ive heard will handdle bigger injectors but i changed up anyways get a wideband and a AFC Neo and you can do it all your self save the money...
  8. kawasakimanzx6

    Friday Night Meet Up

    That would be sick you must have a fast car most of those hondas are fast as well you guys should take it to the track
  9. kawasakimanzx6

    fuel question

    sick thanks ill contact him for sure
  10. kawasakimanzx6

    fuel question

    how much does he charge?
  11. kawasakimanzx6

    fuel question

    I would buy online i got mine off ebay the lowest price i found and the subharness from Boomslang is easy to just order it up and it will be at your house in no time i also would get the AEM wideband air/fuel gauge if you dont have one yet thats the only way you will be able to tune with the AFC
  12. kawasakimanzx6

    fuel question

    Apexi AEC NEO is what I have and it works great but I do suggest having Boomslang make a sub harness so you dnt have to worry about tapping wires on your ECU it's very worth it all plug and play
  13. kawasakimanzx6


    damn bro that will coast an arm and a leg lol i wish i could be more help im ok with that stuff its just hard not looking at it you know good luck man its getting hotter out i hope at least your ac works great
  14. kawasakimanzx6


    thats crazy bro i have no clue what could be the problem at this point for some reason your not getting power i think from that switch to the motor or even to the switch its hard to do electical man i hate it with a passion but if the motor works the relay works the fuses are good and the...
  15. kawasakimanzx6


    no its cool so i would say the switch harness might have an issue a short somewhere what if you put that switch on the driver side you might have done that already to see i would just make sure you eliminate the easy stuff first cause if its not the motor or the switches or fuses relays then...
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