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    • jukematt
      jukematt reacted to dsmmario's question on the classified ad For sale Dejon tool fmic w/ tial bov with Like Like.
      Wish I had a car minty enough to put this piece of history on it. GLWS! RIP Dejon!
    • jukematt
      jukematt replied to the thread Dream Car.
      2016-09-05 Engine Dies!I was sitting at a stop light and the car just dies for no reason. It was just before the turn into the apartment complex I was living at the time and a slight hill. I tried starting again and couldn't so I put her in...
      • Belt_1.jpg
      • Belt_2.jpg
      • Belt_3.jpg
      • 20161004_071724.jpg
      • Kitsy_storage.jpg
    • jukematt
      jukematt replied to the thread Dream Car.
      More shots I had lying around from various times since I've owned her.
      • 0326001946a.jpg
      • 0410111202a.jpg
      • IMAG0361.jpg
      • Angle.jpg
      • SneakyKitty.jpg
      • CoffeeShop.jpg
      • Curbside.jpg
      • HoodUp.jpg
    • jukematt
      jukematt replied to the thread Dream Car.
      Oh! I did take my car autocrossing one time. That was fun!
      • AutoCross_0.JPG
      • AutoCross_1.JPG
      • AutoCross_2.JPG
      • AutoCross_3.jpg
    • jukematt
      jukematt replied to the thread Dream Car.
      Alright, I don't have a date but sometime after this and before September, 2016 my catalytic converter went out. Again, Fox's owner had a contact who was going to sell me just a used catalytic converter, but I noticed he had what looked like a...
    • jukematt
      jukematt replied to the thread Dream Car.
      May, 2015: Transmission DiesI was driving on the freeway and I start losing power. When I hit the gas, the RPMs barely were moving. When I tried shifting it was hard and didn't want to go out of gear or switch to a new gear. I put in Neutral...
      • TransBroke.jpg
      • 1688104290724.png
    • jukematt
      jukematt replied to the thread Dream Car.
      June, 2014: First Dragstrip Run!My car is still basically stock. I have a 14B or maybe my Small 16G at this point and a manual boost controller but no other supporting mods, stock injectors, SMIC, stock tune. My car can only handle like 12...
      • ChampionRacewayWhiteCity_6.7.14_5.JPG
      • ChampionRacewayWhiteCity_6.7.14_3.JPG
      • ChampionRacewayWhiteCity_6.7.14_1.JPG
      • ChampionRacewayWhiteCity_6.7.14_2.JPG
    • jukematt
      jukematt replied to the thread Dream Car.
      Now for final positioning. To position correctly, you're supposed to park on a flat surface a certain distance away from a flat wall. I drove to an empty warehouse parking lot. There, I installed my stock headlights and marked with tape where...
      • IMAG3781.jpg
      • 1688019727409.png
      • IMAG3798.jpg
      • IMAG3797.jpg
      • IMAG3796.jpg
      • IMAG3791.jpg
      • IMAG3788.jpg
      • IMAG3787.jpg
      • IMAG3748.jpg
      • IMAG3759.jpg
      • IMAG3785.jpg
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