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Recent content by jjrock5

  1. jjrock5

    STMs new Shop car!

    I thought the BRZ already had a turbo kit for it.
  2. jjrock5

    1G Do you have a photo of the 1g Sunroof bag?

    I didn't know they came off either. I'll have to question that.
  3. jjrock5

    So I went and built a Powder Coating Oven

    Great thread. Thanks for the wiring diagram.
  4. jjrock5

    Cannot locate Idle Air Control Valve or Possible got wrong one?

    I believe this is the one you need.Buy BWD/Intermotor Fuel Injection Idle Speed Stabilizer 21988 at Advance Auto PartsIt's weird that if you place a 98 Eclipse Turbo car you get the one you mention at Advance Auto but I used a 1995 Eclipse Turbo and got the correct one. Reading the...
  5. jjrock5

    Why won't my crankshaft turn?!

    How are you trying to turn the crankshaft? With a longish 1/2" breaker bar/ratchet I hope? Also, make sure you rotate clockwise when looking at the crankshaft pulley though the diver side fender well.
  6. jjrock5

    is these an restrictor justin or dsmer

    I don't even understand the title of this thread.
  7. jjrock5

    ECU needs to reset/reprogram after unplugging battery?

    My 99 GSX is now completely stock. Stock cams, stock black box ecu, intake mani, stock exhaust, stock 2g throttle body, etc. I finally put it back together after it sitting for about two years. Prior to it sitting it was running ECMLink ('95 EPROM), 1g throttle body, smim, FP Green, FP2 cams, 3"...
  8. jjrock5

    model of my car?

    March is 90. Sept is 91.
  9. jjrock5

    Your most recent welding pics

    I sense some jealousy...:hmm:ROFL
  10. jjrock5

    Longevity 160sx/200sx Tig welder UPGRADE

    I don't think I explained it as clearly as I wanted. If you look at the photo I posted in my first post. My current tig setup uses the 1st and 3rd connector (from left to right). One is for gas and the other I assume is for the trigger in the torch.With this new torch that USAWeld offers I...
  11. jjrock5

    Longevity 160sx/200sx Tig welder UPGRADE

    Thank you. May I ask what the relation is between the stick lead and the other connector on my current torch that makes it so now I would be using the stick connector instead of the current one?
  12. jjrock5

    Longevity 160sx/200sx Tig welder UPGRADE

    I have this welder. Lotos Tig 200.Lotos TIG200 200A AC DC Square Wave Inverter Aluminum TIG Stick Welder w Pedal | eBayIt looks like it's just a 200sx but looks slightly different. It even has the plugs in the same location and has stick weld capability.Do you think it'll work with mine?
  13. jjrock5

    Your most recent welding pics

    Can I ask what all the browinsh substance is on the beads? Rust?
  14. jjrock5

    2G eclipse srt rear lights conversion idea

    They kind of look like the Dodge Dart tail lights.
  15. jjrock5

    What tool to use? Can't tighten 16g oil feed line.

    Also called a flare wrench.Also check Sears:
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