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Recent content by jasonx9

  1. jasonx9

    For Sale Weldon db2025A & controller w/new harness

    I have a Weldon db2025a that was rebuilt by kinsler injection at the end of 2016 and wasn't put into service after. Also have the fuel pump controller that goes with it. Comes with new in bag harness for the controller. New these items are 1000+ I am asking 450 shipped on them.
  2. jasonx9

    For Sale weldon db2025A & controller

    I have a Weldon db2025a that was rebuilt by kinsler injection at the end of 2016(Tag shows flow rates and proof of rebuild) and wasn't put into service after. Also have the fuel pump controller that goes with it. Comes with new in bag harness for the controller. New these items are 1000+ I am...
  3. jasonx9

    Fuel pump hangers

    so its confirmed that the 340 or 320 pumps will work with the dual 255 hanger
  4. jasonx9

    Bolt kit 4g63

    You see I took the apart the car multiple months ago but the dam bolt gremlins seem to have moved a good amount of my engine bolts and not to mention I would like new bolts so I dont have a issue.
  5. jasonx9

    Bolt kit 4g63

    Does anyone actually sell a complete bolt kit for the 4g63 or do you have to piece your own kit via lowes or other sources? I cant seem to find the thread with all the thread pitches and lengths etc. I have seen it before but no dice searching this go around should of bookmarked the page before.
  6. jasonx9

    Did I get the right pistons/rings?

    Bringing this back from the dead but I am doing 2g pistons on 1g rods and I am experiencing the same issue as you guys were. I have gotten 3 sets of rings sent to me from cns autosports for free now since they refunded me my money because every set I got said 4g63 sohc and now the ones that i...
  7. jasonx9

    Tuning issues and knock

    I am unsure on how to set it up in link since it says you have to do a bunch of different things. I have the aem so its kinda confusing me at the same time.
  8. jasonx9

    Tuning issues and knock

    Got a chance to drive it today after making some adjustments its starting to seem like its wanting to do a full pull more now than before. Before it would basically sputter really bad under WOT and not want to climb threw the rpm range still. Attached are some logs of some pulls I made. The one...
  9. jasonx9

    Tuning issues and knock

    Thats another thing I wasnt getting a answer to was what my airflowper rev should be. Ok so now that I know it should be more around .3 then I can make adjustments to fix that and put it back to where it belongs.
  10. jasonx9

    Tuning issues and knock

    I am confused on how to set up the AEM to use it to log with it threw link. The wiki isnt very clear to me as to where I should put the wideband at on the ecu for it to log right.
  11. jasonx9

    Tuning issues and knock

    I am starting to get more and more lost with this because if I set one thing such as the airflowrperrev at .25 then adjust from there and get everything to the point where I am thinking its dialed it something is happening and it all changes the airflowperrev doesn't stay where its supposed to...
  12. jasonx9

    oil leak issue

    I am going to pull the timing belt and change the pump seal then going to prime it with a drill to see if its still leaking. If it isnt then problem solved if so then whelp ill just swap the new front case onto it.Well pulled my plugs and they are some of the blackest looking plugs I have ever...
  13. jasonx9

    oil leak issue

    Oil leak on fresh 4g63t - YouTubeI wasnt sure where to post this but I took a video of my car running I have a oil leak coming from the front cover and im pretty sure its coming from behind the oil pump pulley its spraying out in a fine mist and is causing oil to get onto my belt. I just...
  14. jasonx9

    Need some hep

    Sorry about the miss spelled headline.... But thanks for the help man you just made me be able to have my build back on track.
  15. jasonx9

    Need some hep

    I was wondering if anyone knew the part number for a arp head stud nut and washer seems 1 of each decided to grow legs and walk away from my parts shelf over winter. If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it. Is a 6 bolt motor by the way.
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