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  • alright so one of my hoses melted & started leaking oil. i wntd to check the oil but my dipstick is broken & was almost all the way in & couldnt take it out, so i just put two liters of oil & the car was runnin fine but then the turbo stopped working so i changed the oil & put the proper FOUR liters. & the turbo isnt spoolin yet, yu guys kno what happened & how i can fix it?
    My inbox is full because of a Glitch with the Supporting member system, Just shot me an Email and I'll get right back to you... .
    If the car is going to be mostly street with a little strip or track stroker is awesome. Low end grunt is awesome and you don't need to get super high into the rpm range. I like mine and it is making great numbers. Im pulling well into the 400whp and tq with just the green and some 850cc injectors. Stock manifold and a punishment racing fmic kit. She pulls like a banshee and cant wait to go e85. Should be in the 520-540whp range after swapping to e85. You would be very happy if its a dd with the stroker.
    Right on that cool you got another talon. I dont think I will order anything from the graveyard after reading the review they have on here. I was blown away and wont waste my time or money like that. I really looking into a magnus stage 2 short block now. Think Im probably going that route. My goal for the track this year is 12 and maybe high 11s. I got all the right mods to get me there. Just need the motor haha
    hey man yeah i just sold that 98 gsx and picked up a 97 tsi awd that is pretty built. its not bad. LOL. sorry about your luck with your talon. that really sucks. but dam graveyard is a great place to go. they work with you and your build pretty well. great group of people there.
    hey man the talon looks good. not a bad project. yeah i sold mine and picked up another 98 gsx with an evo motor. but i am looking at selling it soon.
    hey i am selling my 95 tsi awd know anyone looking for one. i want 3000 for it. it has front mount, big 16g, and new transmission. hit me up. 541-971-7312
    Maybe if you make the meet somewhere in like roseburg so some guys/girls don't have to drive so get more may come. As it is I have to drive over a hr to get to i5 from bandon along the coast
    Are you the owner of the carbon fiber eclipse and if so what all are you selling and throw some prices at me also did you carbon overlay some of it if so looks great my front clip is all carbon but was pricy
    ya that blows it happened to my laser. the right side got f'ed up an the camber was off a little an I went through two sets of tires. Before things went right I took it to two shops an they wouldnt do the alignment.
    nice i feel the same gotta get the pistons on the rods an the blocks done. you still looking for that intake
    well because when it is not recirculated it will run rich or lean because the MAF sensor is looking for that extra air but if its not there it will tell the computer to give the engine more fuel or less fuel depending on the circumstances and if you have dsm link then you can tune it to be non recirculated and the bov you have isnt recirculated and at idle itll cause it to idle up and down so if you change that around it should run right............. my name is don and if you need any more explaining go ahead and give me a call or text my number is 815 878 0885
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