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ist dwa's latest activity

  • ist dwa
    ist dwa posted the classified ad For sale 2g 2G tail lights in DSM Parts Classifieds.
    Real nice shape set of tails. Price is shipped to lower 48 text or PM 937.554.1881
    • 20191218_215228.jpg
    • 20191218_215330.jpg
    • 20191218_215436.jpg
    • 20191218_215445.jpg
    • 20191218_215557.jpg
    • 20191218_215602.jpg
    • 20191218_215758.jpg
  • ist dwa
    ist dwa replied to the thread 16g oil restrictor ofh.
    You should not run a restriction on a journal bearing turbo, run it straight -4an from the OFH to the turbonium!
  • ist dwa
    That real fast, how much NO2 were you running?
  • ist dwa
    Uhhhh, what? That makes zero. Zero sense. 1. That's why you have 5 lugs and torque them to 80ft lbs.2. When the hub, rotor and wheel heat up that's also gonna change.Fear porn. To date I don't really know anybody that has broken a wheel...
  • ist dwa
    ist dwa reacted to My1GLaser's post in the thread front case and oil pump questions. with Like Like.
    I packed my oil pump full of vaseline so it would be primed on startup.Alternately, you can spin the oil pump with a drill until oil makes its way up to the head before you put on the t-belt. That's what I will be doing this time...
  • ist dwa
    More update I have gone through the entire air path setup looking for possible restrictions. The head is 100% brand new, changed OEM intake manifolds, solid upper IC pipe, good TB, brand new ETS FMIC, good lower IC pipe, turbo is good, new...
  • ist dwa
    Your wife has more car sense then you do. She has the clarity to get rid of a NA 2g and you don't.
  • ist dwa
    Still working on this.I have changed AFPR same result. I have installed a good set of FIC 1650s, better but still just creeps rich, it is probably only better because the injectors are smaller.I have identified a similar problems between the...
  • ist dwa
    Just try a dead time of 250 + or - 50 it should be close, all this perfect voltage nonsense.
  • ist dwa
    ist dwa replied to the thread Taking off black goo off.
  • ist dwa
    ist dwa replied to the thread Talon digest veterans?.
    Ahh the talon digest, where I came for the info but stayed for the war stories. I met Todd in 2000 at the shootout, not really sure what happened to him, he just kinda disappeared, had he stuck with it he would have been the owner of...
    • IMG_0008.jpg
  • ist dwa
    And suck it....... I've forgot more about race cars than most will know, it's almost tiring being right all the time.
    • Screenshot_20210828-210454_Chrome.jpg
  • ist dwa
    ist dwa replied to the thread 1G ets race fmic install.
    If I did it, IT IS THE OFFICIAL WRITE UP, and for the record a 1ga can not use that stupid straps setup because of the body stuff for the clear corners besides the straps are by far the lamest and stupidest way to mount a FMIC.
  • ist dwa
    ist dwa replied to the thread ECMlink VE table issue.
    Everything you need to know is right here.
  • ist dwa
    ist dwa reacted to 95talongirl's post in the thread 2021 28th Annual The Shootout with Like Like.
    Rock on! Here's all the ones I have so far! I'll add in more as I get to them.
  • ist dwa
    ist dwa replied to the thread 1G ets race fmic install.
    I just went through the same thing. Here is the official write up for an ETS Race FMIC, WELDING AND BRACKETS FAB IS NECESSARY.Step 1. Remove the Front bumper, lights, etc.Step 2. Remove the OEM support bar that connects the hood latch...
    • 20210727_223542.jpg
    • 20210727_223601.jpg
    • 20210727_223839.jpg
    • 20210727_223843.jpg
    • 20210727_224808.jpg
    • 20210727_224818.jpg
    • 20210727_224831.jpg
    • 20210731_134446.jpg
    • 20210731_135327.jpg
    • 20210727_225049.jpg
    • 20210727_225056.jpg
    • 20210727_225103.jpg
    • 20210731_144242.jpg
    • 20210731_144913.jpg
    • 20210731_152443.jpg
    • 20210803_195027.jpg
    • 20210803_195035.jpg
    • 20210825_210317.jpg
    • 20210826_112539.jpg
    • 20210826_112840.jpg
  • ist dwa
    ist dwa replied to the thread Rest in Peace Tom Noonen.
    I am always saddened by DSM deaths. My condolences, any chance he took the vaccine shot?
  • ist dwa
    ist dwa replied to the thread 2021 28th Annual The Shootout.
    • Resized_Photo_6553638_DJI_38_jpg_4346586_0_2021820114212_photo_original.jpeg
  • ist dwa
    ist dwa replied to the thread STM tuned.
    Right, STM actually shipped you junk and blamed AEM.Two words: EXTREME PSI, there is no reason to buy anywhere else other than them, PERIOD!! I have spent thousand upon thousands from them over the years. Niu gives me instant email replies on...
  • ist dwa
    ist dwa replied to the thread STM tuned.
    OK so you are claiming that STM dropped shipped it from AEM but in reality it actually came from STM and they lied about it coming from STM when in fact they shipped you junk and blamed it from being dropped shipped from AEM.
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