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Jul 8, 2020
Jul 14, 2009
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Proven Member, from California

hurricanecris24 was last seen:
Jul 8, 2020
    1. Hookzup2
      Whats up are you near mendo county and is there a way to find others in my area on this site
    2. Bud92gsx
      I'm leaving at 8 till 10..But if that's your time, then I will just not shut it off..
    3. Bud92gsx
      You shouldn't have gotten off..I've been on all day..LOL
    4. Bud92gsx
      Hey I'll get on adding you right now..My name has bud in it but I'll write bud just so you know..Hopefully I got it right check and let me know..
    5. crash89
      Where In Norcal are you? Anywhere near the Fairfield/Vacaville area? How familiar are you with ECUflash? I kinda need some help with it, if you not to far away!
    6. j_biggz
      I'm looking to put a meet together for Southern Oregon. I'm thinking some time early to mid June would be nice enough weather to go for a run or just get our DSMs together. If this is something you would be interested in please pm me.
    7. Rockbmx1
      I sold the car in November, so I don't have the code. It's called kona pearl blue. It's a factory paint color.
    8. j_biggz
      That would be way dope if I could use that for a minute an see what it sounds like. You should check out my dash trim kit thread and vote on it
    9. GIRman67
      I got the tank to rail fuel kit
      HEre's the link: STM | 90-99 DSM FUEL TANK TO RAIL KIT

      after I was said and done I was left with around 6ft of line left over, and expect the rail fitting to be a snug fit I called STM about it and they tested and said just crank it down

      I will be getting the return kit from them as well later maybe in the summer

      and the way my work scehdule looks I won't be able to get a good pic iof it till saturday. It's not the prettiest but I worked with what I could, with some working you can actually use the gfactory fuel line bolts along the bottom for 3 of the cushion clamps.
    10. GIRman67
      no problem man I'll get on that when I get free time in the daylight
    11. razrman8
    12. Guzman08
      hey can u post up a pic of ## car painted thanks
    13. RyGuy
      My son has a 'purple' 91 talon tsi, I am looking for the exterior side trim, from from front wheel to rear wheel on both sides. His hood has been replaced but it is black (primer) I wanted to get it painted for christmas, but a stock replacement might be better. Is your hood in good shape?

    14. tonyspyder
      hi just replying on the flashing ecu thingy. im a newbie still on how it works and what needs to be done or what is the use of flashing it. if you can send me a link on how and what it does i'd appricated it. thanks for the suggestion tony
    15. So Cal 420a DSM
      So Cal 420a DSM
      I have one pic without the lip.
    16. piku
      no piku is not my real name? it's a user name? like most people..
    17. black_gst
      yeah im not to worried... im going to aim my lights as low as possible and thats also why i got white and yellow. blue and other colors are way more likely to get you yanked
    18. black_gst
      i am more about function over form so i went with 5000k low beams and 3000k fog lights... the fog lights will be yellow and the low beams should be pure white. the yellow fog light might be a little bit of form too lolz.. ill defentaly be taking some pics
    19. Death_Carbon
      Runnin good now. few hiccups here and there. oil return line cracked, dumped oil every where. turbo seal needs to be replaces after a high boost smoke comes out exhaust for a second but getting ready to PCS to 29 palms for 11 months.
    20. crash89
      Hey thanks man but its not for sale. Lol.
    21. gofer
      So Cal 420a DSM is a user on here, he has white 2gb Eclipse with a 2gb Talon bumper.
    22. jrohner
      E85; 28psi tapering to 22. Now I'm at 30 tapering to 25.
    23. gofer
      Still AWP (awaiting parts) man, nothing done and the cars out of site at a buddies house for the next few weeks.
    24. gofer
      Putting back in reverse was a joke, it requires different tools and lots of cussing putting it back together. It's fairly easy actually, its just getting the valve springs compressed and getting the valve locked seated can be frustrating. If the tech article helped you theres a link at the bottom that says "this thread was helpful" and I wouldn't be offended if you clicked it either... when/where are you going to be stationed as a Marine?
    25. gofer
      Putting everything back together is just reverse of how it all came apart!! haha j/k. I left that to the machine shop that did the headwork since they have all the tools and they didn't charge me extra for assembly. Next time we're doing a head assembly though I'll be sure to take pictures and do a tech article for everyone. Thanks for the compliment and the suggestion!
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