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Recent content by GUTSI

  1. GUTSI

    t25 shaft play

    Yeah, you could go to a 14B, but what condition is it gonna be long will it last? Turbos have become pretty affordable over that the last several years. I mean, MHI E16G's....T28's....Hybrids....Sleeper 16G's....18G's...HTA68....FP3160. Any of these can be had for under a grand (The...
  2. GUTSI


    Yup just keep your eye out for the lowest listing on ebay....I'm sure you'll find one in your favorable price range.I have this rad (it's my second). Reason being is that the first one started leaking out the core walls....after only a year (not even). Contacted Mishimoto direct, and...
  3. GUTSI

    seeing 15.5 volts..

    Agreed. Since the sensing wire reads voltage and adjusts gain accordingly, too little/too much resistance will affect how much voltage the alt should put out.Found this article that relates to wiring the Saturn alternator. (you may have read it....if not, hope it helps)...
  4. GUTSI

    Please save us. Anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey man....just popped back into this post to see what your progress has been. So you bought a new battery (old one was surprise) Also, you've tested the MPI relay, but with questionable results? I found these 2 threads here that I hope might bring you closer to a solution...
  5. GUTSI

    seeing 15.5 volts..

    The above posts regarding the voltage regulator being bad or stuck open, are pointing in the right direction.However, I'm gonna assume that prior to re-locating your alternator, it was working fine? If so, keep in mind that any loose electrical connections at the alternator terminals...
  6. GUTSI

    Please save us. Anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's really too bad Mitsu didnt build these cars with a 'safety relay' (basically a backwards relay that prevents any current going thru the system when one accidentally reverses the jump cables) I think that should be standard on ALL vehicles equipped with an EFI.Lets try to use process of...
  7. GUTSI

    Wheel size confirmation

    A 245/40/17 poses 2 problems: On a 7" wide rim, a 245 will most likely experience "sidewall flex" i.e 245's are too wide for 7" An 8" rim would be more ideal. And 2nd, using that tire size on a 35mm offset will most likely require having the fenders rolled (maybe...maybe not. But they'd be...
  8. GUTSI

    weird starter issue

    Gotta agree. Since you've definately ruled out ignition switch, the solenoid's stuck in the "active" position. Was the relay ok? It's not uncommon to accidentally bridge the terminals during install (imperative to disconnect battery) To be absolutely sure: If it's possible, remove starter...
  9. GUTSI

    shifter cable bushings?

    Ya you definately need em! I'm just wondering....what's holding the cables to the shifter bracket assembly??? :confused: ...and yeah, now your shifter "throw" is off....hence the grindingPut em back in boss! :cool:
  10. GUTSI

    dsm + wife =?

    Lol of course! I'd probably be more concerned about your clutch/tranny more so than the rebuilt motor! lolHell my wife learned on an ACT 2600 (that damn pos!) and now that I'm running Comp 6 puck, she wont come anywhere near the drivers side! ha ha Actually not even my friends like driving...
  11. GUTSI

    Absolute Proper Way to Paint Plastic/Vinyl Interior Parts for the DIYer

    I've noticed there's quite a number of posts out there with regards to painting the interior pieces (some of have even gone as far as changing the whole interior color outright i.e from that boring grey to that nice black we all lust after!) But there are those who are weary of painting...
  12. GUTSI

    car died over night please help

    To be honest I accessed mine just from the top. It does take a little 'finagling' to get to the bolts but certainly do-able. As for removing the wheel and splash guard, umm never tried that...but hey if it gives you easier access, by all means...I think it comes down to "brand" (and more...
  13. GUTSI

    what does the iac sensor do???

    ...Oh and btw, if you decide on a new one (AFTER you've confirmed that its bad), click here: DSMISC Automotive (New ISC Supplier)....There's actually a cheaper way to get it; its from an Ebay Australian vendor...I posted a link waaay back (think it was like $80 shipped or somethin like...
  14. GUTSI

    what does the iac sensor do???

    Motor. You take the plug off, move it aside, and test the 6 pins portruding from the motor housing itself (Why do I have this feeling that you didnt even click on the link?) :hmm:
  15. GUTSI

    what does the iac sensor do???

    DmTaLoN's Idle Speed Control Test/Fix Page!That'll outline how to test your ISC (Idle Speed Control) motor....But the fact that you mention a backfire around 4k might point to something else (misfire, dirty clogged fuel filter etc...) The list goes on...
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