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Recent content by GSGoinFast

  1. Piece together a turbo kit??

    My guide has everything you need to get your started in the right direction. The only thing I really made from scratch was the exhaust manifold, and you can simply buy one and skip the making step. Read my guide, re-read it, google what you are confused about, google some more, then, after all...
  2. How high can engine rev safely? [Merged 12-7]

    Which thread are you responding to? That has nothing to do with the topic at hand.As someone else said, it depends on how well its built, and how well its tuned. If your just running a stock motor, set the rev limiter at what the factory has it at.
  3. good pulley kit for 95 n/t???

    It's a very nice pulley, can be a bit of a pain to install, but that is due to the well known stubborness of the stock pulley. As for a kit including PS and AC pulleys, I don't know of any made for our cars.
  4. low idle and studdering

    The light dims because the alternator isn't spinning as fast when the rpms drop. Go get the Codes for that CEL, just because it has been on for a while doesn't mean new codes haven't been stored recently.
  5. Underdrive pulleys [ merged 1/6/07]

    Well I personally wouldn't go with a knock off brand UDP, any imperfections could cause you trouble. The AFX isn't very expensive, I would just go with that. Thats just my opinion though.
  6. Installation of a mechanical oil pressure gauge

    Hmm OP do you have one that runs the line to the gauge itself or one with a big sensor that runs electrically to the gauge?
  7. Installation of a mechanical oil pressure gauge

    Yeah what he said. Its easiest to reach from under the car, and the wiring connector on the stock sending unit is bright green(atleast on mine). Get a tee and tee off of it. You may need an oil pressure sending unit socket available at autozone.
  8. New to Forums, But in heavy stock

    Yes, I am curious on what you plan on doing with all of these too. Let us know if you plan to part any out.Otherwise, I would go with the stock manifolds.
  9. turbo install time!

    If it helps at all, I ran into the same dilema of having my turbo installed but having to get my car to my school to weld up the down pipe. I took a 90* pipe bend, 2 exhaust clamps, and a 2 foot section of flexable exhaust pipe and ghetto rigged a nice asphyxiating setup to drive to make the...
  10. After market Crank

    Yeah, grab your stuff, and walk out backwards verry slowly, perhaps with squinty eyes and one eyebrow raised, but don't say a word!But yeah, our cranks are fairly heavy. I'd say assemble it yourself or find a better shop.
  11. 13.935 @ 100.28 420a NA (no spray)

    Amazing work! Excellent job you make us all proud!
  12. TPS problem

    I may have missed something but why would 12.5% throttle at idle or off be good? The throttle should be closed at idle, all air intake is controlled by the idle air control motor which bypasses the throttle plate. Are you throwing a code for a TPS malfunction or is there any drivability...
  13. I think I blew a headgasket

    I'm not saying your wrong by any sense, I'm just saying coolant can boil from other causes besides a head gasket leak. Your probably right and it probably is the head gasket, but a compression test is quick and easy and it can't hurt.
  14. I think I blew a headgasket

    I think he should atleast do a compression test before jumping to the conclusion of his problem being a head gasket. The tips of my spark plugs have always gotten a little bit of white on them ever since I got the car. My compression has always been solid and I have never had any coolant boiling...
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