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ec17pse's latest activity

  • ec17pse
    I went out last night to try rid of my spike and its working out well. It still needs small tweeks but i need a second person and my wife wont come in the car ehile doing this stuff as it scares her lol. Its hard to do and stop do and stop when i...
    • IMG_20220616_214328.jpg
  • ec17pse
    Ones broken might not be nitrile or viton as plain rubber does not like some fluids and causes it to snap. The nitrile should be good enough. If they slide in upon assembely then lube them to not roll and bind. I dont know this location in the...
  • ec17pse
    Im going to start with the obvious part that makes this now stand out from everything else and thats the bodywork!This was a huge task and tested my mind in design and forward thinking to many levels, But I had a vision and based upon many...
    • IMG_20200721_103226.jpg
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    • IMG_20200719_122653.jpg
  • ec17pse
    Making a note to myself so I know what I can do if I have any "down" time at work. :)
  • ec17pse
    No worries dude, I say this and thought I best ask, alot of this is all new to me so I saw two different details and I dont know myself so i was relying on the data provided. let me know what you find out, if i can confirm also I shall come back also
  • ec17pse
    No apparently it does not as all used the same ratios. well Apparently haha. only thing is using the listed data shows i dont make alot of power and is quite different then what you had down, just dont know whats legit correct to use, I was told...
  • ec17pse
    I hope I can chip in here with a solution.I did a kit for the 2G and then adapted the same bracket for the 1G. so its based on a 4 piston and can even be done on a 6 piston if it allows, the rotor is using an off the shelf evo rotor so make...
  • ec17pse
    Error correction apparently takes alot more time but you have to spend good time getting base duty as close to perfect first then make that jump. I dont plan to use that so my current knowledge stops here lol. Maybe one day i might use it but for...
  • ec17pse
    Glad it works for you. This was my first time also on this sunday so If I can do it anyone can LOLIf it does spike up then log the spike and tweek the duty % in that cell to lower the spike and level it out or have it so it scales boost up...
  • ec17pse
    The pulsing of boost i think is normal as mine did this also when starting off. I think its reading the 0% and 100% lock section and puksing through that range! This is running spring pressure max and then it opens and drops boost off as the...
  • ec17pse
    See if this video helps as i just done this walking through how i done this first time myself never doing this before and it worked for me.
  • ec17pse
    I think a log has been asked already but we dont get anything but have to some how fix the problem lol
  • ec17pse
    If you posted a log I could tell you in about 5 seconds. Instead everyone has to ask you 40 questions.
  • ec17pse
    Ok thabks for that, so it has power thats good. Let me go to my laptop later and go through what i have activated and the order i did it in.
  • ec17pse
    Manual is not going to work since your using the ecu so it needs to use the 2 factory wires provided. If those are not working then as i said i dont know how to solve that one.But since you CAN do something in ecmlink that means its activating...
  • ec17pse
    Stop spending money on parts we dont know what the problem is! Thats a waste. Grab a obd2 scanner and read the code its telling you and then go from there. It might be ignition it might be something else but thats why they put cel lights on to...
  • ec17pse
    If you turned something off and it worked but your not getting wire power then its either working or not? No power is zero working or it has power and then adjustments will work and its something your doing on the software.Im not sure whats...
  • ec17pse
    The ECM tuning post is mine, I can answer any questions on what I found or wrote
  • ec17pse
    I shall check this out more and read in more detail. What he is saying is not what i read on here about setting it up but the way he is on link forum might be for the error correction also which im not running. Im just running straight control of...
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