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Recent content by Dylan0123

  1. Dylan0123

    For Sale 95 Talon TSi AWD, Built Motor, Evo 16g Turbo, BBS wheels guys just wanted to let you know I'm selling my Talon. I'm over near the quad cities area, about 3 hours from Chicago. Willing to drive to meet or whatever, just contact me if interested. Info is...
  2. Dylan0123

    1998 GSX can't power up a Radar Detector via OBD2.

    some have gps capability so that if you frequently visit the same area (like on your commute to work) and keep getting false signals in the same spot (maybe from automatic opening doors or motion sensors etc.) you can make it so the alarm doesnt go off for those things and it will remember it...
  3. Dylan0123

    2G Do i have the right axle seal, and how far does it need to go into the transmission?

    Gotcha, no leaks so far in 600 miles, so I think it'll be ok. Thanks for your input
  4. Dylan0123

    2G Does my clutch fork look ok? Video included

    Good to go, I have 600 miles on it now and everything seems to be ok. This Competition Clutch Stage 2 kit is kind of noisy but its shifting like butter and holding power so far (i've only shifted at 4k rpm a few times). Seems to make some chatter noises on decel, i hope that's normal but other...
  5. Dylan0123

    Rattle while moving

    I've done that before using 4 jackstands. just make sure noone is standing close to or in front of the car while you're doing it. give the car a little push and pull to make sure it's stable before you start. dont make any sudden jerks or movements. I guess some people will tell you that's a bad...
  6. Dylan0123

    Rattle while moving

    tKr did you figure out what it was? If it's brake related you should try to get it fixed as soon as possible, don't want it to cause a bigger problem.If it's the wheel bearing it'll most likely make a humm sound, and it'll get louder when you transfer weight to the side that's bad.Alberto...
  7. Dylan0123

    Your most recent welding pics

    Thanks. I've been blessed to be able to work at shops where I have one big job that is the "default" thing to do (it’ll last a few months or even a year), and when other small jobs come in I jump on that for a day or two and do some fabrication, then go back to the production stuff. And the...
  8. Dylan0123

    Your most recent welding pics

    Dont know why my photobucket pics are always lower resolution after i upload them from my phone.Hre's some 24 gauge stainless drip trays i made at work, theyre for ice cream machines like the ones at Dairy Queen and other fast food places.I made 600 of these 1 3/4" long welds (150 pans x 4...
  9. Dylan0123

    Is this 95 tsi awd?

    I have a '95 TSi AWD and the "AWD" emblem fell off one winter when I bumped into a guard rail.Does anyone know where I could find that same emblem? Is there an oem part number for it that I could order?
  10. Dylan0123

    1998 gsx 400-500whp

    Here's a rough list of what my friend's eclipse had on it before he sold it. It ran mid 11's on street tires and was estimated around 540awhp. The powerband was from 4000rpm to 8000rpm and it pulled very hard. Never ran into anybody faster on the street, even some high horsepower vettes and...
  11. Dylan0123

    2G Seeking BOV advice

    If you really want to go all out you could get a front mount intercooler with hard pipes, a 3" gm maf right before the throttle body, a maf translator, some kind of tuning device and then dont recirculate the bov. Keep an eye out in the classifieds and you can probably find all that stuff for a...
  12. Dylan0123

    new guy here in TN

    Justin has a ton of experience rebuilding turbos so if you decide you'd rather pay someone to fix it up, he's the guy to go to.What kind of experience do you have working on cars? What other cars have you owned before the DSM? What plans do you have for it? Are you into drag racing, autox, or...
  13. Dylan0123

    new guy here in TN

    Keep an eye on that ebay 16g turbo (check for shaft play often), the bearings could go bad in it and wipe out your motor. JusMX141 (Justin) has some good info on how to keep it going for a while in this thread, post #9:
  14. Dylan0123

    broken studs and rethreading

    Like what kind of crucial place? If it's the exhaust manifold it shouldn't be that difficult to fix.How did the studs break off, did they break while removing them, or were they overtightened? Is it because of rust?You might have to have a machine shop do it. It shouldn't take a...
  15. Dylan0123

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    Do you mean maybe something similar to these with heim joints?: option might be that "wipe new" stuff I've seen at the parts stores lately. Might need to do some research to see if it really works though. I...
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