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Recent content by dsm racer91

  1. dsm racer91

    New Best 10.09 @ 138

    wowowowow very impressive great job
  2. dsm racer91

    Newbie looking for a little local advice (1G N/T)

    yeah you can do a lot of things with just 3k a swap , a build , theres a lot of affordable parts for our dsms
  3. dsm racer91

    strange sound

    it did made a clanking sound when i took around the street but just did it like 2 or 3 times while shifting
  4. dsm racer91

    strange sound

    tonight from coming home from the store i was parking my dsm (my parking lot has a little hill) when i pressed the brakes and let off the gas it made a clanking sound i rolled down and when up again it did it again "CLANK" does anyone know what could cause that clanking noise i recently...
  5. dsm racer91

    Dsm meet

    so where the meets this saturday
  6. dsm racer91


    how do you check the idle air control motor?
  7. dsm racer91

    throws codes po325,p1500,po505

    what about the speed idle motor ?
  8. dsm racer91

    Lossing too much fuel need help

    yeah i got the same problem and i dont know why
  9. dsm racer91

    is this a real evo 3 16g

    thank you guys
  10. dsm racer91

    is this a real evo 3 16g

    is this a real evo 3 ?
  11. dsm racer91

    tranny problem need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wheres the inspection cover located at ?and now i drove my car for 10 15 min and now ill put the car in gear and it wont die it will just idle really ruff whats the cause of this im thinking its something in the hydralic system but i already replaced everything could it actually be the...
  12. dsm racer91

    tranny problem need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok so i did a clutch on my gst everytime the car warmed up the clutch for some reason starts slipping my rpms are around 4 to 5 grand and in 5th gear and barely going 40mph and when you put it in gear and let off the clutch the car didnt died it just idle barely so i figure it was the...
  13. dsm racer91

    Dsm meet

    when the meet gonna happen?
  14. dsm racer91

    Dsm meet

    ok my car finally running ready for the meets let me know fellow dsmers
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