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Recent content by Doug99RS

  1. Eclipse/talon Everyone's opinions wanted!

    I don't want to give my opinion.
  2. Post drunk posts here

    Professional status achieved.
  3. my step bro turn me down

    I'm here to help.
  4. my step bro turn me down

    Why don't you sell everything and pay for some grammar/spelling tutoring?
  5. Post drunk posts here

    Sounds like you fellas would "LIKE" my facebook page, Drunken Beard Tavern.
  6. No, I'm not dead.

    Lol, there is always that ONE drink you can never revisit lol.
  7. No, I'm not dead.

    Yeah, I find a cozy rock and crawled under it!
  8. No, I'm not dead.

    It's called the Brain Hemorrhage. Peach Schnapps holds up a small layer of Baileys Irish Cream. Drop in some grenadine to pull the Baileys to the bottom and have it sit in what looks like a pool of blood. Total drink size is about 1.5 oz., use a tall shot glass for easy display.There's...
  9. 225mph highway run

    Where's the "LIKE" button?
  10. Member here? Awsome engine bay.

    A "wire" tuck? I barely see ANY wires. I see stainless steel braided lines that MIGHT look better with having them bundled together a little bit but that's super CLEAN in my opinion. I'd eat of that engine except that I'd get the engine dirty.
  11. No, I'm not dead.

    Forgive me Lord for it's been at least 5 years since driving a DSM. I do miss the community but as many of the old timers on here know life can take you down some pretty interesting paths. This summer I took a rather interesting turn away from the automotive path I've been on for a decade and...
  12. stock compression (test results)

    Just to clarify, the characteristics you mentioned regarding the fuel work both ways. In forced induction/high compression motors the higher octane i needed for those very reasons. In a motor designed for 87 octane the 93 octane will translate in to burn times that are too long...
  13. Code 12????

    The injector resistance is good, it doesn't confirm that they are actuating but usually you'd get a P0201 through P0204 code if there were an electrical failure with the injector circuitry (includes computer, wiring to injectors, the injectors themselves and wiring from injectors).The sensor...
  14. Code 12????

    J,Thanks for the PM. I'll be honest with you the Key-Dance codes don't really help much and are quite vague. 12 just means that the battery has been disconnected recently. Ignore that code.Code 43 could be: -Misfire (cyl 1, 2, 3, 4, all, random) -Ignition Coil Primary Circuit (Coil...
  15. stock compression (test results)

    If the manufacturer programmed the engine computer to run off of 87 then the only reason to increase octane is in the event of spark knock/pinging. The modern fuel, regardless of octane, is just about equal from any given source. Now, some people may claim Chevron vs BP etc etc bu Chevron 87...
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