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  • Yeah, you can see where they were cut because you see the high pressure hose where it should route down and to the front of the car... and where I hook it up to the cooler. It's pretty straight forward.
    Actually I didn't get a kit. I've had a core for about 2 years and bought the pipe kit. Any of them will work, just alot of cutting and patience is needed. Why?

    Hey I sent a picture of the bracket to your email so just go check it out and go to home depot to get on just like it cus the 2 big holes on the side are a perfect fit for mount holes where the SMIC used to be. I couldnt find a ruler so I wasnt able to measure the bracket it but it think that its sumwhere betweeen "7 long by 1 1/2" wide on both sides. once you get it and you know that its going to work just install it and mount the cooler on the other side of it. and while your there make sure that you buy some hose fittings that are going to fit into the stock transmission cooler so you can adapt a hose thats going to run all the way to the transmission. if your unsure about what fittings im talking about just type "hose fittings" on google and it should be sumthing like the firts picture the comes up
    Hey if you want I can make you an aftermaket Transmission cooler with a relocation kit. i'll sell it to you for whaever it cost me to do it. evrything included to relocate it and mount it. that way you get to have a transmission cooler 3 times bigger than your stock one. trust me your transmission will love you.
    Ok well you know how the dipstick hole bends about half way up? dont expect the whole thing to bend cus its not. ok just get a big screw driver and and shove it down the hole without forcing it in. just let it go as far as it can get by itself. after it does slowly bend it to the right like an inch and a half and it should be more than enough to clear the UICP. as for the transmission cooler in your case you do have to remove the metal lines. what i would suggest you do is take the cooler off and go you your hardware store and buy one of those fittings that you can screw into the holes of the stock transmision cooler that has a nipple at the other end that way you can just hook up a rubber hose and get rid of the metal ones that the stock cooler has. Well do you have an email that i can send the pics to???? that way I can send them there instead.
    Well did you bend the dipstick like i told you??? cus if you didn't then you wont be able to fit the UICP; just put a screwdiver in the hole and bend it to the right, its simple. as for the transmission cooler your suppose to relocate it to the stock SMIC location with the use of and L shape bracket with premade holes(home depot) i found one that had premade holes that were in the exsact location as the holes into which the SMIC mounted. By the way do you still have the stock transmission cooler?? cus if you do then i don't think you can bend those lines. you have to get rubber ones at an auto parts store. What Wires are you talking about??? when i did mine there wasn't any wires in the way. all i did was cut a piece of the side cover to let the LICP to get clearance and thats it. Is anybody helping you out on this??
    Umm nah i didn't run into any issues with the ATF dipstick getting in the way, that was because before i intalled the the IC pipe i had slightlight bent the dipstick about an "1 1/2 to the right. and no i didn't remove my AC at all, theres no need for that. as for the picture i'll add it to my profile since I don't know of a way to just send it to a member LOL.
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