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Recent content by [email protected]

  1. IDLE SURGE- New ISC moves opposite to old ISC

    I found a good 90 isc at the wrecker and now the car idles good! The 90's must be wired differently at the isc, the wires are the same up to the connector.
  2. IDLE SURGE- New ISC moves opposite to old ISC

    I'm having the exact same problem, did putting in the original isc fix the surge?
  3. Holset into garrett turbing housing?

    I have a friend who owns a machine shop but it does sounds like a pain.I have flanges on order to make a divided manifold but that won't be ready until spring, so I was looking for a quick way to get this up and running.I'm runing a 2g manifold with a t3 adapter plate and a 5 bolt t3 02...
  4. Holset into garrett turbing housing?

    Hey Holset gurus! I have a .63 t3 garrett housing machined for a stage 3 wheel from my old set up. Can this be machined for the hx35 wheel to fit? They both use the same clamps to secure the centre cartrige on.
  5. [RESOLVED] WH1C turbine housing stuck!!

    I had this same problem and was able to get it off with some heat and a hammer, unfortunatly i did bend a few fins. Can these be straighted out or do i need a new wheel?
  6. Rebuild turbonetics?

    Thanks for all the info, this is some great stuff to know!! Unfortunatly I was able to have a closer look inside the compressor housing today and found that the wheel is in bad shape most of the fins are bent and some are missing chunks. New turbo time I guess.
  7. Rebuild turbonetics?

    Sweet thanks for the info. There are some 360 thrust rebuild kits on ebay i think i will buy. I will tear the turbo down before ordering it though to make sure it is rebuildable.What should i be checking for in terms of damage. Obviously wheel and housing damage but what about shaft and...
  8. Rebuild turbonetics?

    Hey guys, turbo took a crap the other day. I was doing a 4 gear tuning pass and let off the gas then the cloud of smoke started. Lots of blue smoke! Checked the turbo for shaft play, and sure enough there is some up and down but none in and out.Its a 60-1 hifi with a stage 3 turbine...
  9. Spec Stage 2 clutch or Stage 3?

    What material is the full faced disk made of?
  10. Mcloed Sintered Iron Clutch Is awesome

    Damn, looks like the sintered iron package is discontinued. :notgood:
  11. Mcloed Sintered Iron Clutch Is awesome

    I didn't realize Mcleod was making a clutch for our cars. A new clutch is on the to do list this winter as the centerforce is slipping bad. Where did you purchase yours from?
  12. Ecu Question

    OK, did a little experiment tonight. Went for a run with the current ecu and leaned it out to get some knock showing, got between 13 to 18 counts of knock. Timing started at 13 went up to 16 then fell off to 14 by redline. Put in the eprom unit, it showed no knock at all, but timing started...
  13. Ecu Question

    OK after a little searching around: This is the same socket mine has. Same style label on the front except that it has C.S instead of engineering sample. That still doesn't help me with the no knock showing...
  14. Ecu Question

    Ok now I'm a little confused, did some factory ecu's come with a socketed eprom from the factory? Just pulled mine open and it has a blue socket with a locking arm on it that allows the socket to slide relasing the eprom chip. There is a label on the eprom with hand writing on it. first 3...
  15. Ecu Question

    Hey Steve, these are some numbers off the eprom unit with the problem. e2t34478-p, md145903. On the side it has a large 5903. Its been a couple of years since i changed the ecu's but i remember going out and logging it getting maybe 5 degrees advance with no knock, switched the ecu and got the...
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