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Recent content by crash89

  1. crash89

    4g 71 super beetle

    finally an update for yall! I havent really taken any photos lately due to the things getting done are pretty minor but heres a little run down: *built a new alternator bracket, *got front tires and mounted, then once set on the ground noticed i got the wrong spring rate for my shocks. It was...
  2. crash89

    Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in.

    Oh hey! Im still in here now and the. Still building 4g powered shit just not a dsm anymore. I sold my old awd spyder for a ctsv in 2019.
  3. crash89

    2G Help me get to 300whp

    He nailed it. You likely arent going to be spoon fed here. A few key words in the search bar will net far more threads than the replies you will get. Now, just throwing in some larger injectors will probably get you further from your goals as youll need some way to accommodate for the extra...
  4. crash89

    4g 71 super beetle

    No i didnt. I thought i could upload it from my phone but it didnt work. Im having some small issues with it getting up to temp. Ill grab another, better, video here soon. In the mean time heres the most recent pic!!
  5. crash89

    4g 71 super beetle

    First start up last week!!! Been working out a couple things since then.edit: video isnt uploading.
  6. crash89

    4g 71 super beetle

    thanks bud! I hope to be able to take it down the road in a week or two! Pretty late in the season but it is what it is! Hopefully i can make it to the track for some shakedowns before the end of the season!
  7. crash89

    4g 71 super beetle

    So a bit of an update here. I did some body work to the front fender and got all four clear coated, ordered some rear wheels and tires, and Wired the car. As it sits right now im waiting for my map sensor to come in and i can adjust the fuel pressure and fire it up. Hopefully everything works as...
  8. crash89

    420A Where does this nut go?

    Bingo. There should be 5 studs coming up from the trans and the long bolt with a nut going through the mount off the framerail.edit: im sorry i didnt realize you mentioned it was a 420a car. Still could be the case though.
  9. crash89

    Resolved 1g No start from hell

    Plug wires in the correct order? If you unplug the MAF sensor does the car start? That should put it into a limp mode.
  10. crash89

    4g 71 super beetle

    id looked into it a few times and turned away every time. I didnt really want to modify the block or head to redirect coolant flow like you have to do, id still have to run an inline thermostat housing. I really just wanted everything to function as close to stock as possible so i knew that it...
  11. crash89

    4g 71 super beetle

    Yes everything was done by me in my garage except my rear end housing, i sent that out to be shortened. Thank you. Self taught mostly. A lot of trial And error.Few thing done lately. Ive been digging into the wiring harness. I de-pinned a few things from the engine harness and the chassis...
  12. crash89

    RWD 4G63 Subframe mod?

    I literally dug this thread up like four days ago as I was also curious!
  13. crash89

    4g 71 super beetle

    Never again will i paint a roll cage at a different time than the interior!! Also started diving into the wiring harness.
  14. crash89

    1gb to 1ga front end swap

    Ah! Good call, Erik.
  15. crash89

    1gb to 1ga front end swap

    Quick google search, you may have been able to avoid posting a new thread. this was the first link i clicked on.
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