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Recent content by Charlieee

  1. Charlieee

    The Official funny stuff on Craigslist thread

    Haha in that thread he mentions how the clutch is really good, and now hes selling it because its in need of a clutch ROFL
  2. Charlieee

    Transmission Noise (Video)

    Cracked Flywheel was my answer when i had a similar noise.
  3. Charlieee

    Melted injector tip

    Well hopefully its just the bad plug not firing.! Good luck
  4. Charlieee

    Melted injector tip

    yes they pull right off.. but i don't think melted pintle cap will cause the injector to leak. maybe a boost leak but it shouldn't be leaking fuel so the injector might be toast... (i just read your complete post)
  5. Charlieee

    Melted injector tip

    Yes they are replaceable and they are called pintle caps.
  6. Charlieee

    Telling a girl you like her?

    Im sure all 5 guys who refuse to take a paternity test on you would give you a great response.
  7. Charlieee

    Telling a girl you like her?

    So did every one else..
  8. Charlieee

    The Official funny stuff on Craigslist thread

    OMG facking funny as shiet right there.!!!!
  9. Charlieee

    16g vs 20g fwd performance

    TDO5H 20g. Great choice pal! ive always loved the sleeper look and stock looking cover..People will be, ohhhh 14b.. but guess what ninjas... its a mother effing 20g.. i loved my tdo5h 18g.. !:thumb:Dont pay extra for the greddy 20g's.. theyre the same as the mhi only branded with...
  10. Charlieee

    El Paso

    Where the Eff is Frank/[email protected]! I miss seeing his post on the forums..
  11. Charlieee

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    :D True..But to contribute to the thread..Dropped the transfer case, pulled the motor, busted the eff out of my interior in a drunken rage and have a new owner lined up to come tomorrow at 10 am as a donor car for a awd auto swap...After that, i'm gonna go Evo shopping. :sneaky:
  12. Charlieee

    EVO III 16G supporting mods?

    :hellyeah: :applause: Slow and steady wins the race pal! No reason to rush your build, it'll get there :)
  13. Charlieee

    EVO III 16G supporting mods?

    If your power goals are limited along with your budget go with the safc..If you plan on making great power easily, get link.If you aren't lazy, get a quick job/gig and spend the extra cash on Link and make your life easier.Nuff said, i rest my point.
  14. Charlieee

    Once Upon a Time, a Guy Stole My Car Parts

    Your so contradicting. You said it was tough growing up in a school filled with black people. How is your life better than mine? Is it because i'm hard working? Earn more than your parents ? Because i started work at a young age? Yeah that makes sense. Yeah you were probably in your pj's at 15...
  15. Charlieee

    EVO III 16G supporting mods?

    What does having bought ecmlink have to do with being lazy? GTFO.Bottom line ecmlink is better than a stupid afc.. yes afc are ok when running small injectors..As we all know everyone will want to go bigger eventually. So buy Right and Buy Once.! Just wait and save.ECMlink over...
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