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Jul 4, 2018
May 10, 2006
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Proven Member, from Pennsylvania

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Jul 4, 2018
    1. dsm nuff said
      dsm nuff said
      Ceddy, i am currently running an evo 8 ecu in my 1g. In evoscan my timing reads a constant 5 degrees. The car idles lean around 16.5 - 18.3. When i give it gas it goes full lean and stalls out. Im still using a 1g knock sensor and 1g tps. Also my mods are ebay 20g, rc550cc injectors, walbro 255, and stock fpr. Is there a way i can contact you?
    2. jdm5596
      Ceddy, your site has some errors and im trying to find a stock base map for my car with ceddymods. my email is [email protected]
    3. Mitsubishigst1999
      Hi Ceddy sorry to bother you man I have a 99 GST Spyder 5spd at the dyno waiting to get tuned but my tuner is saying even with all the tools such as the Tactrix 2.0 cable and everything he is unable to tune because he doesnt have access to the XML Files. I'm not trying to sound dumb but I dont understand that kind of talk. Have you created a way to tune the 99 GST? The only mods I have are 255 Walboro Fuel Pump, 550 PTE injectors, and small 16g ETS Fmic. Thanks for your time man
    4. Aramane
      Hello ceddy my name's shane. I was wondering if you could come up with a base map for me to start off with. I'm new to modification, but I have done a ton of reading. I have a small 16g that I want to run on 15pounds to be safe. I have supporting mods like:

      Bolt-on Modifications:
      AEM Wideband, Injen Intake, Walbro 255, 650 FIC injectors, Aeromotive AFPR, Manual boost controler, 3 in turbo back Magnaflow exhaust, Aftermarket boost guage.

      Engine Management:
      98 Flashable Evoscan with tactrix 2.0

      Engine Internals:

      Drivetrain Modifications:
      Small 16g

      Thank you for your time, you are awesome for fleshing this flashable ecu stuff out.

    5. mitsukid124
      hey ceddy, i'm trying to gather some things to get to the next step up on my setup and i was curious about something. i was roming around google reading up on the ev0 8 ecu swap and came across an article that said you can get the right tatrix cable from some site for around 75 dollars, but when i went back to look i can't find it. so my questino is if you may know about that, or else where a good place to get one would be. i have a 97 gst that i am in hopes of swapping soon.
    6. voodoonick
      Hi ceddy iv been building my first dsm witch is a 1996 eagle talon tsi. My project came to stop when it got time to tune the car. I just purchased a 1999 gst ecu witch i believe is flashable. On that note i have no clue how to flash the thing and was going to take it to a shop that flashes ecus but after reading the massive thread im not so confident that just anyone can flash this thing. What is my next step? Do i need to change the CAS 100% and are there any other sensors that might not work? And finally, if i were to give you a detailed description of my car and mods, would you beable to send me the correct programing to bring to a flashing shop?. I really need some help this project is going on 2 months now.
      Thank you
    7. GST-H
      i want to flash my 2g dsm and i was wondering if you are sure that the MD346675 ecu is flashable with the openport 2.0 cable using ecuflash. because i have an MD346675 but i cant get it to work. i just need some incite. it keeps telling me that it cant read the image. thanks, GS-T H
    8. mitchellling14
      i seen your forum on logger codes i was wondering if you could get them for any year 1g
    9. bNasty
      hey i was looking at the post about your logger. The link didnt work do you have an updated link?
    10. agedog2gT
      Hey bro nice ride,i have a ? for you. With the gm maf and the maft do i need a afc or injectors or anything else. im still running stock everything but just got the gm maf and the maft to vent to the atmosphter? what do you think or recommend?
    11. jeff24680
    12. gsxrmel
      hi ceddy i live in spain and i have a dsm gsx 98 auto with manual swap now i have a 95 eprom ecu with a keydriver chip but your proyect is really good . mi 98 ecu is a md346676 i read tha is flaseable . i have this mod i my car rc 550 inyectors stock maf 2g sbr short route fmic gredy bov walbro 190 aermotive fpr dnp external wastegate tial 38mm evo 3 16g turbo 3 " downpipe evo 3 o2 housing magnecor wires act 2100 clutch.

      im interted in change mi eprom ecu with the flaseable 98 ecu i see in you web that you make a maps por 30$ to flash the 98 ecus. my goal is 300 300 cv,you you can make a map for that configuration and later I go finished tuning of the Ecu? thanks
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