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Recent content by canucatchdis

  1. Quarantine...

    Didn't this movie win a couple Oscars last night? Oh wait, no it didn't. Oscars are for good movies.
  2. Moment of Truth show

    Exactly my man. that show is terrific!
  3. Rare part on your car

    I have an uncracked valve cover.
  4. Moment of Truth show

    The show Moment of Truth freaking blows.Has anyone noticed that the questions the contestants lose on are questions that have subjective answers? In other words, contestants lose on answers that cannot truly be proven one way or the other.The show asks questions like "have you ever...
  5. Has anyone ever broken a exhaust stud?

    I am about to put a 2g exhaust manifold on my 1g turbo and i have 150,000 miles. Has anyone else installed one with around that many miles? What i am worried about is that the studs and bolts are so old that the studs may bust as I try to take them off. What are your guys experinces?
  6. 97 steal (must read very funny)

    I once got a dagger for free because the blade was on the wrong side.
  7. Lowered My Car Today But Didn't Mean To....Blown Balljoint...Pics Galore!!!

    I installed new tie rods thinking that would perhaps fix it and the car still has the same problem.
  8. Lowered My Car Today But Didn't Mean To....Blown Balljoint...Pics Galore!!!

    Out of curiosity, my car creaks when I turn and the car has seems really stiff when coming out of a corner. As in I have to force the car to turn back straight. Is my steering problem related to this control arm problem?Side note: have you guys ever replaced the sway bar links? eBay Motors...
  9. Wow found this on craigslist, IS IT REAL!?!

    Spoolio? You should be called Schoolio for taking his ass to school!!But seriously thanks for the laugh man. I enjoyed it.
  10. [RESOLVED] no reverse after car is warm (5 speed)

    Not sure why I thought the problem was only when the car was warm but I got it fixed. The problem was the clip that holds the shift cable in place was missing. I found one and replaced it. I also did the ballbearing mod which is awsome.
  11. Unmolested 1g on E-Bay

    13 seconds left!! Bid Bid Bid
  12. generic engine rotation question

    let me rephrase.Do all engines spin in the same direction?
  13. [RESOLVED] no reverse after car is warm (5 speed)

    I have synthetic fluid in there currently. The fluid is Red Lines MTL. If it has any relation, I have Mobile 1 synthetic 75w 90 in the transfer case.Could this possibly be a result of the bushings on the end of the shifter cables being warn out?
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