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Sep 3, 2019
Dec 17, 2004
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N/T DSM Wiseman, from Connecticut

bullettdsm was last seen:
Sep 3, 2019
    1. 420a DSM
      420a DSM
      Do you still hold the record for fastest n/a 420a @220hp?
    2. Tribal_RS_96
      Ok, thank you very much for the help! I'll be sure to mention ya in my build process, and if I need more help I know i can come to you.
    3. bullettdsm
      Stage 1 cams? Not sure what they are, but the best bet is the Crower 2's NA. Great match and time tested. Eagles are used most often for rods and you can get forged pistons in stock CR, but you will have to special order them (see fotown if you want that). Personally I like the 10.5 comp JE's. Your stock ECU will have no problem with them. They will give you a little more pop and it leaves you room for upgrading if you so desire (MS, turbo etc.). If you use MS (megasquirt), that will allow you to tune for more power.
    4. Tribal_RS_96
      Hy bullet. I've always admired you n/a build. Im finally getting around to planning my own small build. I just want to refresh my motor but add a re manufactured head with a stage 1 cam if possible. I want to do forged rods. But wjere do I go about the piston choice? I want to stay std size and dont know if I can find factory compression performance pistons. Or go high or low compression. With tuning is it possible to stay on unleaded fuel?
    5. bullettdsm
      Yup, you are second (you are talking pure NA correct? No spray or adders). Congrats! You beat Billy who ran a 14.6. Rock and roll
    6. fun kart kid
      fun kart kid
      Do you know of a 420a non turbo list other than on heare we went 14.264 over the weekend and trying to find out if we were second on the list
    7. bullettdsm
      145? None that I know of. The only one I know who had a 160 (?) at one point was Howell
    8. 96talon420a
      hey about the coolant delete thread, is there a site or manufacture that makes preformance thermostats for a 420a? like 145 degrees?
    9. DocKevorkian85
      Hi bullettdsm. Names JW and glad to talk to another New England-ah (from NH but in army stationed in Fairbanks, AK).... Anyways..... I was wondering. Might be a dumb question but do you use you 1997 only on the track or is it still streetable?.... A buddy just got a 420a 97 talon and was just wondering if it was possible you think it is to get a 13 to 12 second 420a that you can drive on the street every now and then?
    10. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Mark I swear to god man if I meet you in person. Meals on me man you have been a complete help to me throughout this whole thing and I give you my thanks. If you want to find any item thats on my profile I can show you were I got them and give you connections on some major discounts at places like Summit racing, Map performance and Pannauto.
    11. bullettdsm
      Lol, yeah you can. But know that you will probably mushroom the end out and then you can have more problems. But at this point, if you want to take that route, screw the castle nut back on (but not tight) so that if the axle does pop off, you can use the nut like a die. Also, if you are going to go that route, you will want to at least have a piece of wood to cover the end when you hit it. You will also want to heat it up when you do this. But the best way to TRY to address this is to pull out the whole assembly and try to have it pressed out. As I noted in your thread, that doesn't always happen either.
    12. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Mark a guy at work told me I should use a 12 pound Sludge hammer if I am not going to use the stock axles. I dont know about this idea but the two jaw puller and flame torch isnt working.
    13. EsiGoneT-Esi
      What head studs are you running on the turbo car mark? I'm doing some upgrades to mine right now for some big power. Pte 6766 turbo. I'm a little worried about lifting the head in all honesty
    14. bullettdsm
      My avatar is a picture of ITB's (individual Throttle bodies). I think those are the 52mm's. I can't remember if they are the 42mm or the 52mm that I posted up. Those top parts are velocity stacks (like they have on carbs). They are there to help velocity and resonance. What we used call (back in the day), "lining up the air".
    15. PhilipMc
      Your avatar is a picture of a carburetor
    16. PhilipMc
      What i dont understand is you have carbs and a throttle body and a short runner intake? can you explain that?
    17. vishnu267
      hey i have a question, by any chance would u know whats going on with this situation? ok so i had a prob with my clutch feeling loose before and i bleed the master cylinder and then it was fine and i drove for abit that night and it started feelin abit loose again and wouldent go into gear right again. so a few days later (havent been drivin it) i check the fluid resevior and stuck my finger down (with a glove on) into the bottom of the container and there was some black stuff on the glove. what could this black stuff in there be? or any idea why its still feeling loose? is it the slave cylinder? do i need to replace one of them or do i need to bleed my slave cylinder to? the resevior was empty when this issue started and i put some fluid in and eventually bleed the line then it was better for a few hours and then the same but the fluid didnt leake out again its just black for some odd reason. any idea what the issue is?
    18. bullettdsm
      Honestly, the only place that I have found to get them is in the kits, lol. You can try a dealer (I would recommend Neon Dealer, it would be cheaper and easier) and roll the dice on them getting you the correct O-ring. I HAVE re-used these without problems (given the thought of the location within the two bedplates and the chance of the seal leaking), BUT I would check over the seal first to be sure that there were no slices and that it is semi-plyable.
      Would I recommend re-using it? Not really. Why did I re-use the couple that I did? Because I was in a bind on midnight builds, and I knew that I could accept the possibility of having to tear her back down. Basically, if you go to re-use, you have to ask yourself that question.
      On the bright side, if it does leak, its not something that will be catastrophic to your engine. There are many that have built their engines, forgetting to put it in (oh, yeah, THAT WILL leak, lol). There is enough oil flowing that you won't hurt anything.
    19. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Thanks for the support brotha.
    20. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Hey Mark, the build is going okay so far a lot of cleaning and preparation but I have a question that regards the Bedplate Gasket o-ring, I searched on the forums and a post came up http://www.dsmtuners.com/forums/420a-bolt-tech/356905-block-bedplate-o-ring.html and you were the guy that awnsered some questions. My question is this I bought the supposibly complete lower gasket kit for the 420a from Fel-pro and they were missing this. I dont want to go to the junkyard and get a used one and on top of that I cant find where to buy this at anywhere. Any advise on where to look?
    21. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Mark your funny as hell man. Thanks for the support. I wouldnt have this problem with the tech support on the bolts but the previous owner had everything torn apart. The bolts were all thrown together. Good news is thanks to you, John and the EZ guy all the bolts but a few that I have a feeling did not belong to the car are now in bags me and my stepdad are going to work on it after Thanks giving and get the Crank installed and torqued to the right spec and get the Air tex water pump in as well.
    22. bullettdsm
      Thanks Brian. I appreciate that you've got some enthusiasm for the 420a (that helps keep you focused sometimes, lol). But I'm not running the stock clutch. I have a hybtid Neon/Audi/Turbo Dodge mixture in there.

      And as for 12's; no doubt this current set-up will go 12's. Just gotta get a good tranny in there to prove it.
    23. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Your my new ####ing hero. 200 hp and a stock clutch almost got high 12s. Man I hope I can drive like you and Ill make 10s.
    24. bullettdsm
      Lol, I hate it when a plan doesn't come together.
    25. Shake_Zulla
      It is hard to sync this up to a computer.
      Amazon.com: Polaroid One-Step 600 Instant Camera: Camera & Photo
      I was trying to link a Amazon ad for a polaroid camera but I have suffered a major FAIL... Sorry, believe me it would have been funny.

      I think its a forum rule that if you have the fastest n/a 420a you are required to have at least one picture.
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