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Recent content by bastarddsm

  1. bastarddsm

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    I didn't throw any insults, buddy. And yes, ANYONE can be a cnc operator. Not everyone can be a cnc shop owner, programmer, setup guy, ect. Simply the logistics of it. You can fabricate almost anything dsm related in a 1 car garage in a neighborhood, and for the most part off a single 20a...
  2. bastarddsm

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    Clearly you don't really know anything about what you are talking about. I'll start with fabrication requires a very minimal investment. You can begin steel fabrications with a cheap tig and angle grinder from harbor fright for less than $500. Yeah it's shit, but guys out there are doing...
  3. bastarddsm

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    It kinda sounds like you are. There is no getting around $7 aluminum. I'm not really keen on the idea of working for free. If you find a place that will make billet timing covers for us that can be sold at $600 and make some profit you best buy them flowers and chocolate cause they are...
  4. bastarddsm

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    Do you own a machine capable of making a part like this? Do you make parts like this? I do. Right now my cost on a chunk to make it from is $500. $100 to pay for machine time does not get you very far.Yall have to start being realistic about some of this stuff. A big part like...
  5. bastarddsm

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    Heavy dumb and like $2000. Aluminum is $7/lb right now.
  6. bastarddsm

    General Anyone still burning EPROM chips?

    I was making a few for customers a while back, but quit doing anything other than adding 2 steps pkelim and fuel cut elim. Had too many guys tell me x maf, z injectors, then "my car don't run". Check into it and they actually have h maf and k injectors. it was terrible.My brothers...
  7. bastarddsm

    General E931 Eprom Deadtime Address off by 2 bytes?

    I wish I could be more help, I have not touched this stuff since 2017. Last time I did I was trying to figure out how to make the maf comp map 2 bytes wide. That and a good way to do flex fuel with maf are the 2 last goals for me. Some day I'll pick it back up.
  8. bastarddsm

    1G Shop that can machine 1g rods

    Thanks steve, i forgot that drawing was floating around out there still. makes it easier with a drawing.
  9. bastarddsm

    1G Shop that can machine 1g rods

    Jesus, this was done all the time back in the day. Like super common. IDK why everyone has thier pants in tizzy over it.OP i think anyone with a bridgeport can do this. We did a set for my little brother, actually narrowed the big end too, so we could use them on a 7 bolt crank. I'd...
  10. bastarddsm

    Resolved Alternative IAT sensors for speed density

    They use the GM sensor because it has almost the same scaling as the mitsu one in the maf. it's possible you could hack apart a mitsu maf and make your own if you are on that much of a time money crunch
  11. bastarddsm

    General What's the stock ignition timing map on a 4g63t 1g?

    I just got to on my phone idk if there is anything past the login screen though.Afair there was a group on here that was very vocal and negative to chip burning and such. Even still today one can't hardly get help on something basic like. 2g maf 550s and afc without being...
  12. bastarddsm

    General What's the stock ignition timing map on a 4g63t 1g?

    Steve, when you hit the last load row timing is static in "load" it can still move in rpm if you are not at 7000+ That why kylet etal did the double load map back in like '03ish, and I figured out how to use the map sensor to do it off of boost directly back in '10.OP you might join up...
  13. bastarddsm

    Ceddy Mods Gone?

    burning a chip would be far from a piggy back, and you'd be even further from the king. Regardless chip/ostrich is a very sound way to go. Mine went 9.80 on the ancient ds-map or whatever it was (not that jackal abomination) bin.
  14. bastarddsm

    Resolved Whose OG billet shift forks?

    Yeah, and the magnus ones DONT f***IN FIT!That might be an evo 3 first. Or it's gvr4, cant remember which marks is which, but it's not a dsm one.
  15. bastarddsm

    Borg Warner s485

    I'm pretty confident a newest gen 6466 could make 1000hp on a 4g at sea level. 6000ft, no. I have a china wheeled 6466 garret thing and it's 800 not even pushed hard on a basic engine.
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