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  1. Hid

    The only possibility is that the ballasts arent getting power. Are they wired to the battery properly? Of so, can you hear them "hum" when you turn the lights on? If so, the lights should come on.
  2. Rear Strut Tower Rusted Thru, Help Me!

    ^^^Pretty sure thats the one. I'll probably just have the mechanic do this one. He's got all the tools and more time. Hopefully its an "under $100" type thing...otherwise I'm doing it
  3. Rear Strut Tower Rusted Thru, Help Me!

    I've done zero rear suspension work on DSMs so I have no idea how this happens really. I am knowledgeable with the front suspension but not sure where/what parts are broken here. I can grab the bolt in the pic and physically move it around a half in or so in any direction. When going over a...
  4. Rear Strut Tower Rusted Thru, Help Me!

    Hmm, hopefully that's all it takes. Guess it's time to do some diggin around.
  5. Rear Strut Tower Rusted Thru, Help Me!

    Whats the fix? I can weld (on an amateur level) and have a welder. I'm assuming the shock has to come out, match the hat back to the metal and weld it on...
  6. Rear Strut Tower Rusted Thru, Help Me!

    Yeah I looked at it last night, it's the "top hat" as you call it. Car sits at normal height, the spring isnt thru at all, just the shock.
  7. Rear Strut Tower Rusted Thru, Help Me!

    I dont think I'd be able to get a clear shot of it. It's in a pretty tight spot and with the strut still there you cant see much of anything.
  8. Rear Strut Tower Rusted Thru, Help Me!

    I've got 3 within a few miles of my house. Should be a real fun day, lol.
  9. Rear Strut Tower Rusted Thru, Help Me!

    Well I've owned 2 that had front rust, but never one that had rear rust tower issues. This is a bad one, was wondering why it sounded like the hatch was banging around while driving but it's the strut whacking around because the little "cup" that it sits in has rusted enough to break off.Is...
  10. New rotors/pad and getting brake drag

    So I put on a brand new set of drilled rotors, and a new set of duralast gold front pads. After everything was installed the drivers side rotor is touching the pads a little. Tried taking it all back off, reinstalled and still they are dragging a little. It sounds like what it sounds like...
  11. 2g GST / GSX font?

  12. 95 Blue Talon Paint Code?

  13. 95 Blue Talon Paint Code?

    I've been searching, not much info out there. Anyone know the paint code for the 95 metallic blue color on talons? Its the color of the car in this thread
  14. new clutch and flywheel now car won't start

    Did you ever get this fixed?
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