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  • HI my name is Brett. You wouldn't happen to still have the EPROM ECU would you? Thank you for your time.
    Thanks for your help with my tech Question. I have alot to learn but looking forward to learning. Thanks again!
    Is the big 16g your sellling a real MHI? And is it just a big, or an Evo 3 16g? I am interested. Thanks, Joe
    None my chip was originally built for my first hx40. But when i blew it i just throw on my old gt30 just to put around on. It's set for all my mods. Only thing that is different than normal is my 9k redline and a 1000rpm idle (solid motor mounts and cams make the car a little vibraty at 800rpm)
    yea we race about a month ago wen i was up there ...on the orange freeway proly dont remember you kicked my ass
    I couldn't tell you if it would be enough for a mix of e85 or e85 alone. With race gas yes. but it wouldn't be necessary if you're only going for 275-300. Now if you're trying to max out the turbo at 35psi then yes run race gas. But i can tell you that you don't have nough injector to use straight e85. Are you talking about stock intake or exhaust manifold? If you're using stock exhaust manifold I would atleast get a ported 2g (which i could sell you one if you need one 40 shipped). Stock intake should be fine though. There have been many 10sec cars running stock intake manifold.
    this is what I have for next set up
    272 cams 850 FIC ARP studs stock block built head gt30 from pte with the garret housing and A/R48 hot side new evo 3 mani

    my question is is 850 ok for my set up ? pump gas ocational race gas or mix E85
    should i keep my stock manifold ?
    I know I want to boost all high and all but am going to tune my car untill it knocks
    keep my timing low under high boost I hope I am on the right track
    the lower the boost add timing
    I as considering add boost and add timing untill knocks
    30 psi. You ###### would have to run about 15psi to be at or around 300. I would see full spool by or before 3500.
    I liked it alot. I just blew it up 2 weeks or so ago. I've heard that i was nearing the end of it's capabilities of the turbo though. Spool was pretty quick also. I was running it on gm maft with 264/272 cams with just a filter guard on the turbo. The little thing screamed and scared aloy of drivers and pedestrians as i came up and passed them. If you're not looking for GOBS of power i would definately recommend it.
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