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    • ATEAV8
      ATEAV8 replied to the thread 1G 1g fuel pump to sender hose.
      That’s correct sir because the line that comes with the pump isn’t R10 just like the SS hose you put in thats wrapped R9. It will fail… it will just take longer because it’s wrapped. Enjoy your car
    • ATEAV8
      ATEAV8 replied to the thread 1G 1g fuel pump to sender hose.
      I’d hope you fixed it 4 months ago… that’s a long time to be stuck in the mud. More updated the thread for other people and for you as well when that fuel line you installed fails you
    • ATEAV8
      ATEAV8 replied to the thread 1G 1g fuel pump to sender hose.
      First of all, use R10 line. If it’s not R10, it will burst every time. Also, when doing long sections of rubber, help support the line by adding a clamp in the middle. Ive done as much as 3 for 100+ psi setups.
      • E7B32512-B2BF-4CA1-8DBC-FD8F1D7AACF0.png
    • ATEAV8
      This is how I install a Walbro 450/525/535 in a 2g sending unit. Also, a great way to fix a broken/twisted fuel line.Pictures show how I got it versus finished product. I’ve been doing this mod for atleast 10 years… maybe even more. After...
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