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    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread Inherited Ride.
      I have not managed the gumption to look at the TB.But I did start considering where to put the oil catchcans. I’m following the PCV article on here, adding the recommended two cans: one between the PCV and the IM with an extra one way valve...
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    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread Inherited Ride.
      Did a little over the weekend; moved the car out to the driveway so I can wash it. It's very dusty.And because I had it backed into the garage, the passenger side was close to the garage wall. I forgot that about 8 years ago, someone scraped...
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    • arfbarkyPrime posted a reply to a question on the classified ad Wanted 1g WTB: 92 Talon window trim.
      Will it be exactly the same piece on the Eclipse and Laser?
    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread 1G Check my ECU.
      Thanks that would help, sure!In light of not having the extra ECU now, I’m going to slow down and just focus on what is. Finish the idle surge problem (going to take apart and clean the TB first) and install the catch cans. Take car of the...
    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread 1G Check my ECU.
      Yup, as I now take a much more critical look at the neighborhood, see photo. I can also see some goo under orange components too but the heatsink is in the way.
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    • I am looking for this piece of trim; it goes across the top of the rear hatch. Anybody with parts cars that might be willing to part with this?
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    • As part of the inherited Talon, I’ve found parts around the house and basement, etc.I found an extra ECU (MD165531) and I intend to use this one for ECMlink and pull out the one on the car that has the old school Todd Day “mods” along with the...
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    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread Inherited Ride.
      I have a 2003 Tundra AND a 2005 Sequoia .... a couple months ago, my 10 yo son was with me filling up the Sequoia, and I left it pumping while I ran into the little store. When I got back in the truck he's like "THAT GAS COST $100!!!!" .... lol...
    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread Inherited Ride.
      Could be, I remember being told "Todd Day's modifications" to the ECU.
    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread Inherited Ride.
      Today I made progress on an idle surge following steps in Terry's Talon Troubleshooting document; I was able to get the base idle down to 750 using the BISS with screw turns to spare. Though it sounds like the real culprit is still somewhere, so...
    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread 1G Where to start?.
      Yes I forgot to mention I did reconnect the switch, surging remained gone. The connector boot for that is totally hard and crumbling, what do people do about that?I will try the steering wheel tomorrow; I don't think the AC button will do...
    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread 1G Where to start?.
      I discovered Terrys Talon Troubleshooting page for idle surge. I started following those items.Disconnecting the idle switch made it stop surging but then it was idling at like 2300. I pulled off the vacuum lines at the TB one at a time and...
    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread 1G Where to start?.
      Oh and I think the car is running rich. My sweatshirt has a pretty strong exhaust smell.
    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread 1G Where to start?.
      Started the car again today and within just a few minutes, it started idle surging.Initial idle when starting it cold is about 1200 RPM, and the gauge hovers at about -17. When the surging starts, the gauge goes back to about -14 or -15.The...
    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread 1G Where to start?.
      Thanks for the info; hopefully this week I'll roll it out of the garage and down the street a bit. Probably a good idea to change the oil before I do though.
    • Thanks for all the insight, excellent info there. Paw Paw in 2+ hours in the western direction from me. I'll reach out to Buschur first for the work, then go from there. Thanks!
    • I suppose that's not a bad idea; I just socketed a spare ECU, so now I can get ECMlink installed and then I could have them tune it at the same time. In 2011, I trailered the car down to Shep for the timing belt which is a whole lot further. I...
    • Are there any shops in SE Michigan that have DSM experience? I need to get the timing belt done on a 1g, and I don't have the expertise or the time to do it myself. If I had just one of those, I'd do it myself but I want to get it done quick...
    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread 1Gb Talon Rust Revival.
      Maybe you are going to cover this next, but how did you fix the little screw standoffs on the back of the controls plate for the door panel? I took mine apart and every single one of them are broken and the PO tried to keep it together with hot...
    • arfbarkyPrime replied to the thread Inherited Ride.
      Thanks for the tip! I don't trust myself down in that tiny space with a torch, what with all the other stuff all around. I'm sure the crimping will be completely fine, I got a ratcheting one and some high quality connectors to match.
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