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Recent content by Archer Fabrications

  1. Archer Fabrications

    Archer Fab T3 standard placement turbo manifolds

    No still hand built by the same guy since day one right here in scottsdale
  2. Archer Fabrications

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Deli spreader knife =dejon tool LOL
  3. Archer Fabrications

    Archer Fab 2g Short Route Intercooler Piping Kit

    I'm not a vendor on here anymore so I can't comment about any products but feel free to message me if you wanna chat welding
  4. Archer Fabrications

    Your most recent welding pics

    Been a while so heres a few somethins
  5. Archer Fabrications

    POS Carbon Creations hood

    Oil them? Sounds like you might have miss alignment never had to oil mine even when I lived in canada where it was cold as F, the striker pin should pass through the I bolt easily if installed correctly and not need any oil in my experience. A slight miss alignment will cause issues opening and...
  6. Archer Fabrications

    POS Carbon Creations hood

    They mean dont rely on the hood latch alone. It’s still good to have if you park the car and dont want people to have access to opening the hood, there are key’d versions of aerocatch but for those that arent using keys the oem hood latch adds extra security, not good for relying on keeping the...
  7. Archer Fabrications

    POS Carbon Creations hood

    I have a writeup on here look up “aerocatch install”
  8. Archer Fabrications

    POS Carbon Creations hood

    Didn’t know they even had a steel option, however, what is your reasoning? I have never had an issue with aluminum fatigue...
  9. Archer Fabrications

    Street Build Junkyard GST

    It’s not an avengers A LOL it’s an AF with a bow and arrow :) limited to what I can say at the moment due to vendor status but appreciate all of you here! And will be back when the time is right
  10. Archer Fabrications

    Street Build Junkyard GST

    I’m always keeping an eye on things
  11. Archer Fabrications

    Fp zero vs hx40

    Hx40 smoking, you have which drain? And did you use silicone anywhere on it? (Hope not) you could always just swap housings (and manifolds) on it and keep it running. Heat probably not an issue even with blanketing. Definitely gotta be something else. Ambient temps have absolutely nothing to do...
  12. Archer Fabrications

    Fp zero vs hx40

    I somewhat agree with this, however having room to grow is nice. Ive ran a bolt on hx40 in the .55 housing on mu 2g and maxed out pump gas around 28psi. At 21psi on that small housing I made 400whp on english racings dynojet.there are definately turbos that will spool quicker and still make...
  13. Archer Fabrications

    Fp zero vs hx40

    The zero is basically a 3586HTZwith a slightly different turbine wheel. So if you are looking for comparison. Look to that turbo. Plenty of results and even compairisons to an hx40. The zero will make more power as it’s a 62mm vs a 60mm.the zero also is rated for 78lbs per min, meaning capable...
  14. Archer Fabrications

    FP 68HTA or FP RED

    I run a ballbearing red on my stock block evo, 36psi and it hauls. It also uses a UHF Turbine which isnt yet released (may or may not come to dsm platform)I vote red, and yes it can still kill your trans haha. to help that a little I have staged my boost for torque to come on little later but...
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