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Recent content by AMSOIL Dlr #352885

  1. AMSOIL Dlr #352885

    What's New at RockAuto

    Good Luck with that, RA uses email only. As I stated in previous post, you are experiencing again the same issues my Automotive Class has experienced MULTIPLE times. Corner markers that leak, fill up with water, fog up with moisture & reflective backing just peals right off, etc, etc.
  2. AMSOIL Dlr #352885

    What's New at RockAuto

    5-1-2021 = Another order from Rock Auto by one of my 2nd year Students ended up again in missing wire harnesses from part bought vs. as advertised, leaking lenses after first rainfall, poor Quality once again. ALSO Rock Auto's Refusal to Once again, own up to the poor quality being pawned off to...
  3. AMSOIL Dlr #352885

    GMB water pumps?

    I worked on Toyotas from 1980 -now, MDT, all the certifications, NOT trying to to my horn but, my 2-cents.The last GMB I used on Toyota personal Toyota Corolla 4A-LC (2V head)bearing went out in <10k miles. This H2O pump is not :cry: easy to change. That cured me of using GMB :nono:. Seen...
  4. AMSOIL Dlr #352885

    1G Rear Sun Shade.

    If you live in a very humid or utterly sunny :) area like ENC (Eastern North Carolina), this device will help reduce the :cry: heat OMG that absorbs into the interior. Granted window tint :aha: may do a better job. When window tint is installed over the defrost grid, it might damage it when it...
  5. AMSOIL Dlr #352885


    BLACK'98DSM, you hit the nail on the head, "when you pair a name brand header and downpipe with good cams."Gains are greater with the whole package and not just one piece. Granted, I have seen slight power improvements w/ just a header, But the Formula to create greater power also Normally...
  6. AMSOIL Dlr #352885


    I understand :hellyeah:you are speaking :applause: of a different motor :mrt: 420A, but in the case :hmm: of the infamous 4G63T :ninja: cracked :beatentodeath: manifold problem, this is a good reason for someone to offer to the prospective buyer a proven :pray: header design that works, lasts...
  7. AMSOIL Dlr #352885

    2G Stm Arp bolts for FP Exhaust manifold.

    1) By all means, use a thread chaser at least. 2) Clean the threads, blow out with air. 3) You need to adjust Torque Spec when using Lubricants, which will change the torque setting to slightly lower spec. 4) What bolts are you using? 5) Do you have the original packaging, showing bolt dimension...
  8. AMSOIL Dlr #352885

    2G Exhaust manifold coating

    Well , the advice :hmm: is for anyone wanting :hellyeah::thumb: to use it, including you :talon:XC92. It's :argue: free at this point, and up to those that want to try it. Just my experience from :ohdamn: :ohdamn:"School of Hard-knocks" :banghead: and after working on cars/motorcycles, and many...
  9. AMSOIL Dlr #352885

    2G Exhaust manifold coating

    1) Brush/remove any rust grime build up away from exposed threads. 2) Soak all hardware many hours 1st before trying to remove. Use mixture of 50/50 Acetone/ Synthetic ATF (I use Amsoil from previous serviced units). 3) Be sure to slightly tighten/just move crack loose each not/bolt first...
  10. AMSOIL Dlr #352885

    Martin Community College(MCC) Automotive Systems Technology(AST)__Rallycross/Autocross(?TBD?) Build

    Took :laser: computer apart :aha: hoping :pray: to find Programable e-prom...Well as you can see, NO :cry: Such Luck:sosad::toobad:But, I did find evidence WTF of past repairs/:heystupid: work had been done. How good :confused: , Not Sure :hmm:. Pics for those that might actually have seen this...
  11. AMSOIL Dlr #352885

    Martin Community College(MCC) Automotive Systems Technology(AST)__Rallycross/Autocross(?TBD?) Build

    Wayback Machine ( sure if I got this page linked or all there.... BUT, this has been a great Plethora of valuable Information!!
  12. AMSOIL Dlr #352885

    Slow Spool - 14B w/ 7cm Housing

    THANK you so much for the input.So would turbo lab bearing kits be chinese also? Turbo lab also has housings for $150. I have been looking at a used EVO III GT (Big 16g?) and tube header ex. manifold, that may have been run together, but seller not sure. It has a cracked turbine housing also...
  13. AMSOIL Dlr #352885

    2G Install Exhaust manifold for a Beginner?

    To get red high strength locktite to release properly without thread damage, Heat should be applied to hardware to warm it up, and this makes thread locker release safely.So if that is the removal rule of thumb, It would seem that every time the car runs due to Exhaust temps, the locktite...
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