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Recent content by almst 92 tsi

  1. no ac hooked up make belts squeal????

    Not the case. If the a/c is not hooked up with a belt it will not spin at all. the belt is what drives the a/c from the crank. A sqeeky belt is either too loose or is worn/stretched and needing to be replaced. hope this helps.
  2. I think i destoryed my engine

    well i hope that everything turns out aight also. if it doesnt then i guess oh well and ill pull the damn head and fix the valves! not the first time ive had to replace valves. haha. had a timing belt break on me beofre shitttyy. anyway, thanks for all the replies.
  3. I think i destoryed my engine

    well that just sucks cause thats not what i wanted to hear. I was just hoping that i coulod have possibly missed the valve. i am going to do a compression test and see what the numbers say. hopefully they are ok. what should the compression be?
  4. I think i destoryed my engine

    i did rotate by hand and it rotated smoothly after i fixed the timing belt issue. i just can get it to start now. dont know why. im thinking i might have to hook all the vac lines up?
  5. I think i destoryed my engine

    yeah i had to check for smooth rotation and it was tight at a cerain point buy didnt feel like it was hitting anything. it felt like really tigh compressionit doesnt matter the location of the cam loebes? just push the rockers and if it falls off they are bent?
  6. I think i destoryed my engine

    hoe exactly do you do a leak down test. also what is the firing order supposed to be? i know what the book says and i know what magnus says but i tried every variation and it will not start. also does anyput on he vac diagrams?one out there have any in
  7. I think i destoryed my engine

    yeah the engine turns over and i got it running but it was hella rough and didnt feel right at all. i dont know what to do. im gonna be pissed if i bent the valves. oohh mann. it been a year of me peicing this pos together. anyway i dont even know where to start to get it running. thanks...
  8. I think i destoryed my engine

    I have a 95 gst 1g block 2g head. 272 cams e316g and other bolt ons.Hey guys i need some help badly!! I just got done with a 6bolt block 2g head swap and i cannot get the damn thing to start. First off i bought a rebuilt engine and whoever assembled it put the timing plate behind the...
  9. Need help asap!!!

    What fitting do i need for a ss feed line from a 1g oil filter housing to the turbo?? A fitting size would be great. Tried the local company here and they are idiots and sold me the wrong parts. Thank you
  10. Evo VIII Brakes on my 2g

    you should do a complete right up on the steps involved

    Anyone have a timing cover for a 6 bolt?? Please email me asap i need one fast. thank you
  12. I need a timing cover and a pressure plate

    If you have them please let me know. I need a 6 bolt timing cover and i was looking for a performance pressure plat as i have a 6 puck clutch. let me kow eother way thanks
  13. I need a timing cover and a pressure plate

    post a reply if you have one thanks
  14. 1g lower timing cover

    please do that would be great. I need one really bad. Let me know
  15. 1g lower timing cover

    wasup wasup wasup everybody! anyone have a lower timing cover that they want to sell? i need one asap it holding up the build. please contact me if you have one thanks
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