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  • It's hard to guess what the problem can be. If it runs rough, check to make sure you have good fuel pressure. Check for boost leaks, and that all your sensors are plugged in. If it won't crank over at all, check your battery terminals, check fuses and relays, maybe the starter is bad.

    If you have larger injectors what are you using to tune the car? Do you have a wideband?
    an external wg you can. For these people have done it, but you have to cut open the wg and weld it back. Risking melting the diaphram, these are seals and crimped by a machine that i dont have.
    the vacuum line delete relieves head aches and prob adds 5 hp but it messes with emmisions where you will fail. the exhaust for a 2g awd is different from fwd
    48.99 at my local ORielys. But yea, ill just buy a new fuel filter to save the money. Hope it takes that cel off. Can you find a good diagram to install a boost gauge, i have the boost gauge, just need a good diagram.
    you dont want to do the fuel pressure regulator, its going to be expensive and ive never heard of one going bad. The fuel filter is 10 to 20 dollars. definately change that. it should fix it.
    There two types of knock. one type is when there is a spun bearing and excessive clearence, causing the knock you can hear. The other type, is the knock the, knock sensor can read. That type of knock is created when the fuel doesnt have enough octane, or your not getting enough fuel to the engine. The issue at idle isnt as big as a deal as it is at high rpm, so that should release your high rpm power. i say fuel filter too. i dont know of any fuel sensors, what about fuel pressure regulator?
    i think the power cuts out around 6500, depends on your setup. they can rev to 8200, 8500 is pushing it. the motors are pretty well designed for stock motors. Stainless valves factory. The springs are good too. a stock 7 bolt is good for around 450 well tuned. the better its taken care of, and the better it runs, the longer it will last. A good running motor thats well taken care of is just as good as a rebuilt one.
    i know what you mean, i was planning on (for now) intake, exhaust deff. rims LOL. and lowering it. Maybe do a little to the engine on down the road. Its a good car, and i really do like it. It just feels like it should push a little more than it does you know what i mean. Im gonna have it hooked up to see why the cel is on. That should help my hp out a tad. But if i ever want to rebuild/ put a bigger turbo on, im coming to you. I have a full t3/t4 turbo kit sitting in my laundry room LOL. I was going to put in on my celica but never got around do it LOL.
    ya, i rebuild motors. dont worry about rebuilding yours at the moment. Its a good motor. It was girl owned. And i dont mind the questions. Yes first goal is to find out why the cel is on. Now, when we had it, it came on once but read "knock" which ment that the gas was really low octane and couldnt retard timing anymore under boost. ive seen too many engine builds go wrong because people want to do it themselves, its not worth the trouble unless you have someone go threw it with you that knows the motor. For a daily driver youve got a clean eclipse. I would drive it daily if i had one like it. if you read enough on here, people like to make really fast cars or just to have a moderate one, for a daily driver people stick with a 14b or 16g, and do a fmic for looks. if you keep it stock that would keep you from running into headaches, ive seen it all. Other people create headaches, boost leaks, so fast that i cant help them fix them enough, and they dont care, so i give up on them.
    wazzzup! good questions. you cant get your car tuned unless you have an SAFC. That 89 could be robbing your hp. The problem your having has to do with your CEL(check engine light). if you have question about the abreviations ask me, its hard to get used to. No dumping the clutch, if you dump the clutch on an AWD it will riped the transfer case splines out, ive seen it twice before, its a heck of a problem. What you do is, rev to 4000 rpms or so, and slip the clutch and let it take off. If your letting of too hard, it will jolt hard, if you do it just right you may very well smoke the tires off. launching is hard, i never could do it out of the 3 times ive tried. i work on them more than play.
    i noticed that to, ive never owned a 2g, or factory one of these cars, i figured it must be normal because the turbo on the 2gs doesnt have a very good airflow rating. The boost is factory. What might be happening, is it maybe a defective factory boost controller. its hard to say when you dont have a boost gauge to see if it stays at 11 psi or drops.
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