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Recent content by 95DsManiac

  1. 95DsManiac

    For Sale Bare 6 bolt ported head

    Make offer510693982six
  2. 95DsManiac

    For Sale 3g lifters Manley springs

    Make offer510693982six
  3. 95DsManiac

    project 90 gsx 10.50 street car!!!!!

    Looking good so far. Love the attention to detail, keep up the good work.Also, I might be seeing things, but that extender arm on the jay kit looks half the length of all three kits I have, 2 for my 1g 1 aluminum 1 steel and the other is a 2g kit. Or is it just the picture?God bless...
  4. 95DsManiac

    Dsmkauai's (Sleepy G) 91 gvr4 #1633

    That's great bro. I like the shop, it's always nice to have space. I can't even work on my cars anymore, dam lousy neighbors.Should have my shop next year, just waiting for the lil one to get a little older. Keep up the good work bro.God bless,Anthony B.
  5. 95DsManiac

    1GA (90) fuel cell info needed

    I hear you all. I did just put the stocker back on and did finish the 4" Downpipe that goes right past the oil pan today, started her up and moved her, then she caught fire.....Gues why. . . . . Piece of crap faulty ass fuel lines were leaking and flames came out my exhaust and I think that's...
  6. 95DsManiac

    Dsmkauai's (Sleepy G) 91 gvr4 #1633

    Glad everything's coming together nicely bro. Is that your shop?A little off topic, but do you know info on fuel cells and 1GA fwd?God bless,Anthony B.
  7. 95DsManiac

    ECMlink Low timing and weird boost levels.

    ^ I would defenetely start here.Also on your list of parts above there is no AFPR on there. Do you have a AFPR with your 255??When you tune, can you get rid of the knock with your tuning? Or does it stay, like possibly phantom knock? Lose objects underhood maybe?What gas are you running...
  8. 95DsManiac

    1GA (90) fuel cell info needed

    Yea, I wish there was a bolt in one I can just buy and slap it on. I got a custom 5 gal jaz cell for my Gst and fabricated the read to mount it and have 10AN feed and 8AN return.I hear you on that, HOA is good and bad. They take care of the community, well kinda, but there petty as shit and...
  9. 95DsManiac

    1GA (90) fuel cell info needed

    yes tags and everything. Long story short, ever since a neighbor found out were not home owners she has been doing everything she can to get me my wife ND 9 month old son kicked out. Like she complains to HOA about me working on my car etc etc. I've never done anything wrong and actually have...
  10. 95DsManiac

    1GA (90) fuel cell info needed

    Hey,I am kinda forced into doing everything I wanted to do the car more sooner then later, neighbors are trying to get my car towed. So I am trying to hurry up and throw in a fuel cell, along with bunch of other stuff in a few days.My question is, if you have done it, how and which one did...
  11. 95DsManiac

    1995 Eclipse GST from Dominican Republic

    yea definitely get a wideband, I would say first before any other tuning software. or at the same time. I would definitely get ecmlink V3 full, even if theres not many people around you that aren't familiar with it, there is way too much info about it not to become good at tuning with it...
  12. 95DsManiac

    Picked up a FREE 2G Eclipse! Need some help..

    Not trying to start a debate, but it doesn't cost a fortune to launch the fwd hard. You can OM me if you'd like to talk more about it. For me to pull better 60' then guys with more HP then me and being AWD shows I can do it, but like I said, it is in the driver. It may take more practice, but I...
  13. 95DsManiac

    (Video)engine knock or lifter sound

    That is very loud for lifter tick, I ont think that's what it is.As for why 1G lifters? Many many people theorize that they are better than 2G lifters. Unless you've been working on the engines a Lot, not the average person can grab a lifter and say oh that's a 1G lifter. Usually side by side...
  14. 95DsManiac

    400-500hp build help

    That's a good deal if you can get it for 200-400 bucks. But you can also run internally with the Holset so the hx35/40 would still be better in the end in effeciency.But for the changes you made, I would say that was a great choice. Your defenetely on the right track. I like how you've come...
  15. 95DsManiac

    400-500hp build help

    Looks like your off to a good start, but my personal advice would be to change the following.Turbo: hx35 or hx40. Reason; they both are cheaper, both can make your power level conservatively with room to grow and is easy/cheap to rebuild. I like that it is DIY type of turbo. I have built many...
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