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Recent content by 95blackGsTurbo

  1. 95blackGsTurbo

    Anyone Out there

    I can't believe this place still exists.
  2. 95blackGsTurbo

    Steering issue

    I would remove the knuckle and make sure the ball joints are in good shape and were not damaged or over-tightened during installation. Also this is a serious problem with a lot of chinese knock-off suspension parts that have 0 quality control. Typically on non-DSM cars, this is hte #1 cause of a...
  3. 95blackGsTurbo

    1G 1g 7 bolt head with 13mm head holes ok on a 1g 6 bolt block?

    The head will bolt right on. You only run into problems with headstuds and intake ports when you get to a 2g 7 bolt head.
  4. 95blackGsTurbo

    2G Sunroof sticks sometimes

    Since you already checked the slides and all of that I would rule that out. Typically is it is a slide issue, releasing the button and hitting it again won't help. You are likely going to be looking at a switch or motor issue. The easiest way is going to be to get a voltmeter on the power and...
  5. 95blackGsTurbo

    91 Talon TSi

    95blackGsTurbo updated 91 Talon TSiView updates to this DSM profile...
  6. 95blackGsTurbo

    98 TSi

    95blackGsTurbo updated 98 TSiView updates to this DSM profile...
  7. 95blackGsTurbo

    Mevotech failure

    Mevotech is the cheapest of the cheap. You pay for what you get. Working in shops, these things failed regularly on any vehicle. Almost always within the first year too. I would recommend to go OEM or use Dorman/Moog. I have never had a problem with any of their products.
  8. 95blackGsTurbo

    2G How can I drain the A/C if I can't take the car to a shop?

    This is wrong on many levels. It needs to be professionally removed. On top of that, since they system will be open, you will want it professionally charged to get any moisture out and prevent mediocre cooling in the summer.
  9. 95blackGsTurbo

    advice from seasoned DSMers

    If you go with a Walboro 255lph you will need to get a regulator to control the additional fuel. If you stick with the stock pump and want to run some 550cc injectors that is fine for now. I would recommend to rewire the fuel pump to ensure it gets proper voltage at higher RPM's which is a...
  10. 95blackGsTurbo

    Compressor Surge??

    What kind of BOV is it? It sounds like it is misadjusted or that it is not opening at all.
  11. 98 TSi

    Street Build 98 TSi

  12. 95blackGsTurbo

    98 TSi

    95blackGsTurbo submitted a new DSM Profile :98 TSiRead more about this vehicle here...
  13. 95blackGsTurbo

    91 Talon TSi

    95blackGsTurbo submitted a new DSM Profile :91 Talon TSiRead more about this vehicle here...
  14. 91 Talon TSi

    Street Build 91 Talon TSi

  15. 95blackGsTurbo

    1G power loss aftet 30 min

    It sounds like everything under the hood is just heat soaking and because of that the ECU is pulling timing affecting boost and power. Do you have your exhaust shield still on the manifold and turbo? Is the car showing any signs of overheating? Also when everything is heating up you may be...
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