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    • 94TalonDohc
      94TalonDohc replied to the thread Eagle talon 1994.
      Well, I bring an update of the project, I ordered the exhaust valves that were with steps and wells to be rectified. Then seat the valves to the cylinder head and assemble everything, Distribution kit and new water pump (Kit gates EU and Dolz...
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    • 94TalonDohc
      Hello, as far as I am, they are interchangeable, it does not matter if it is an eclipse. Only aero parts changes
    • 94TalonDohc
      94TalonDohc replied to the thread Eagle talon 1994.
      Well update a bit, I had a coolant leak due to the plugs in the block because I didn't use antifreeze. The water neck outlet was badly corroded and was leaking through the radiator cap. I was lucky enough to get all the parts for another coupe...
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