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Jun 29, 2017
Jun 13, 2009
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Your Mom's secret lover

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Proven Member, from Alaska

907dsm was last seen:
Jun 29, 2017
    1. -red97rum-
      Hey there Alex! Long time no talk bud. Ehh, 2014 is turning out to be a pretty tough year so far.. Not so much with the DSM, it's actually running great, but with family stuff. I'm optimistic though and hopeful things will turn around soon. Hope all is well on your end :)
    2. -red97rum-
      Hey Sam! You know this F#(ker Alex too? lol
    3. Sam@RRE
    4. Sam@RRE
      [email protected]
      Yeah. It will be a looooong chain of back and forth emails but if you got patience and logging a wideband. Im down.
    5. Sam@RRE
      [email protected]
      haha, necro reply. But yea, I do link, ecu flash and aem ems.
    6. -red97rum-
      Yeah same here man, maybe check the fb once a week. Nice man, let me know how it goes when you fire her up! It's good, I'm going to start installing the HX40 and new exhaust next week probably. Maybe change the jets and run a 75 shot with it ;)
    7. -red97rum-
      Yo Alex! Long time no talk man, how the hell have you been?
    8. ajpm26
      Well, its in the mail and won't be with me until next week and I still need to wire it in and everything, but from all the research I've been doing on it, I don't see how you could go wrong with it.
    9. dsmspoolin
      They are Rota Torques 18x9.5 +28
    10. AK Thunder
      AK Thunder
      Indeed sir!
      I'm at the Auto/Diesel Building monday - friday from 6 to 10.
      So gladd semester is up after next week -_-
    11. AK Thunder
      AK Thunder
      Thanks, you too. I like what modifications youve done so far.

      I'm working over at Worthington at the moment.
      Full time lube/tire tech xD
      Hopefully I can move onto being a line tech after i graduate UAA's general automotive program
    12. Boug
      I did forget that you were in Alaska. I thought you were in Arizona for some strange reason. Yes, generally there are just a sprinkle of Blacks at these events and I will probably stand out like a sore thumb. It does not bother me as I am bringing my 500whp Talon that will do the talking. I do have a Facebook account. My name is: Levar Wilson.
    13. Boug
      Right now, I am running DSMap. My plan is to keep it as such for about a 6-months and then do the swap around the January timeframe to ECU Flash with the EVO8 ECU. How are things coming for you? Check out my updated profile. Things have changed a whole lot since the last time we spoke. Are you going to the Import vs. Domestic event in April?
    14. TeamFury
      It is. I see you are running one also, is your charge piping ran the same way?
    15. toyotagt1
      that is the vr-speed intercooler its a great kit for cheap highly recommend plus its a pretty easy install
    16. Indian
      Punishment. I finally cut my bumper support so it on right. It's much easier to put the clamps on when its upside down lol.
    17. kp116
      Switching to a auto and will be running one of those new efr turbo's from borg warner. Its the 9180 with the 1.05 a/r divided t4 housing. I should be getting it soon and I can't wait! Fuel system is staying pretty much the same so I don't get too power happy. I would like to get it dialed in this year for the auto and next winter build a high compression aluminum rod 2.0 and then beef up the fuel system and set it on kill but we will see.
    18. kp116
      It's a magnaflow I'm pretty sure. It was on the car when I got it
    19. 1cleanreddsm
      Hey, my names Jari, I saw your name "907" figured your AK, it would be nice to actually meet some fellow DSMer here in AK, I'm in Anchorage too, hopefully well meet one of these days, i can learn lots from you. I hold you in my highest respect as a fellow DSM.
    20. Boug
      There is not too many of us that are. I am not much for the bling, big wheels, big speakers, etc. which is why I love my DSM. Nothing flashy but has a lot of get up and go. She is getting an upgrade right now with the FP3052 on E85 right at 28PSI. It should be pretty fun when completed.
    21. Boug
      Uhhh... Yes. I am. I am 33. 14 years in the Army. 4 trips to Iraq.
    22. ryan90tsiawd
      Yeah.. the fmic I am running is a good old ebay special. lol. I will try to get some pictures up soon of the install
    23. spoolin ddub
      spoolin ddub
      Thanks. He was running a HX35 at around 22psi.
    24. Indian
      yes,but shhh ;]
    25. Indian
      I have it upside down because It wouldn't fit with the bumper support,and I didnt want to cut it just yet. I also figured I get a couple more inches of airflow that way instead of being tucked inside the bumper. Why do you ask?
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    Your Mom's secret lover
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    Token Negro
    I used to be in love with dsm's before I got my wrx but after going through 2 enginesi decided go back to my original plan.


    94 tsi.. 6/4... Alex
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