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Recent content by '90 GS TURBO

  1. '90 GS TURBO

    Looking For My Old 1990 Eclipse GST

    I'm looking to get my first car back. when I was 14 in March of 2016 my dad's friend gave me a blue 1990 Eclipse GST that he bought brand new in 1989. I had it until my mother made me sell it in October 2017. Last I saw it it was around the Raleigh area and the timing belt had gone. It had...
  2. '90 GS TURBO

    How many of us use our DSMs as actual daily cars? Or how many own just a DSM?

    I used to own a DSM and then the brand new timing belt went bye bye after 5000 miles while I was at 4k rpm. The motor was F%#CKED. Now I daily a volvo
  3. '90 GS TURBO

    1G Where to find AC Comp. Belt & Tensioner

    do you happen to know the part number
  4. '90 GS TURBO

    1G Where to find AC Comp. Belt & Tensioner

    to fill y'all in on how it failed, the ac pulley bearing was worn to the point that the pulley wobbled and cut into the timing belt cover and pushed the cover into the timing belt shredding the right half but the belts in one piece.
  5. '90 GS TURBO

    1G Where to find AC Comp. Belt & Tensioner

    My tensioner for the AC Compressor belt failed shredding the ac belt and in the process shifted the timing belt cover and shredded my timing belt. I need to find a Ac Compressor belt and tensioner
  6. '90 GS TURBO

    1G Fuel Filler Hose 1990 GS-T

    The GS-T hose is different than that of the GSX, it's straight and looks like a flex hose.
  7. '90 GS TURBO

    1G Fuel Filler Hose 1990 GS-T

    My fuel filler hose (hose between filler kneck and the tank) has dry rotted pretty badly and leaks. If possible can anyone tell me where to find it and what diameter it is?
  8. '90 GS TURBO

    420A NEWBIE

    Do basic maintenance and improvements to handling first like coils and better tires then talk about adding power, there are plenty of build guides on here btw.
  9. '90 GS TURBO

    Keep the balance shaft?!?!??

    Deleting the balancer does create a lot more vibration but it also made my oil pressure rise by a good bit. If you want a comfortable street car I wouldn't recommend it, but it does leave you one less thing to worry about.
  10. '90 GS TURBO

    1G 220,000 Miles Oil Flush

    I have a 1990 GS-T with 220k miles that had been sitting for a while before I obtained it, should I use oil flush in an attempt to get gunk out or leave it be to avoid causing leaks? Also if yes what flush do you recommend?
  11. '90 GS TURBO

    1G ECMLINK and Fuel Controller

    Do I need an Apexi S-AFC NEO Fuel Controller if I have ECMLINK
  12. '90 GS TURBO

    Car Value

    How much do you think I could sell a 1990 eclipse GS-T with 225,000 miles and a peeling clear coat. It is manual and has no mechanical issues.
  13. '90 GS TURBO

    To Rebuild or Not to rebuild, that is the question.

    I'm a broke high school student, I want it my wallet doesnt
  14. '90 GS TURBO

    1990 GS-T

    '90 GS TURBO updated 1990 GS-TView updates to this DSM profile...
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