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Recent content by 2G Josh

  1. 2G Josh

    Power steering problem?

    Got a PS pump I could sell you if you need it.
  2. 2G Josh

    White smoke!

    Can a blown head gasket cause me to not build any boost?
  3. 2G Josh

    White smoke!

    Dont know if itll help any but i pulled the intake off to check the tubro and it has a little shaft play side to side but not a lot.30 minutes later... I checked to see if i could build boost in drive while holding the brake and it wouldnt. Maybe 1 or 2 psi.Doesnt smoke at idle. Just when...
  4. 2G Josh

    White smoke!

    On my way from work i went to accelerate from a red light and it felt like my car had zero power. It would have been a normal accelerarion that had my car shifting around 3.5 to 4 grand (probably half throttle if that) so i then knew something was up. After that it seemed fine and the. Turning...
  5. 2G Josh

    Boost spiking 20+ psi

    That's what I figured man. I'm gonna install the MBC and just go from there.But my bov was leaking bad at 15 pounds and now the power difference is night and day with the 1g bov at 15 psi.
  6. 2G Josh

    Boost spiking 20+ psi

    I just don't understand how the pipe and bov are making it spike so high. Its never done that.
  7. 2G Josh

    Boost spiking 20+ psi

    So I just installed a uicp and a 1g bov. My car was at 15 psi from bolt ons and the bcs mod but now its spiking past 20 and always past 15 but creeps and stays steady at around 14-15. Should I install my MBC? Should I worry about the car kitting 20 psi for a second?
  8. 2G Josh

    P0505 code

    I got this code a few months ago after my car was idleing for about ten minutes. Replaces the IAC valve and the code went away. This morning after getting to work it was ideling for about 15 minutes and the CEL came on with the same code.My question is what can cause this problem? I never...
  9. 2G Josh

    Window motor?

    When I have time I'll take it apar . I'm pretty sure its just the motor because whether I move the switch up or down the motor never stops engaging. Thanks for that picture though man that makes it a lot easier.
  10. 2G Josh

    Window motor?

    Yeah I can slide it up and down with my hands.
  11. 2G Josh

    Window motor?

    Didn't realise there were cables in the assembly?
  12. 2G Josh

    Window motor?

    Last night u went to roll my driver side window up and heard a snapping noise and then the window wouldn't roll up or down. When I use the switch it still makes noise but doesn't sound like it should. I sounds like its broken or something. But if the motor was bad wouldn't it not work at all?
  13. 2G Josh

    2G Longevity of my car

    Where in Indiana? I'm in Illinois but I'll drive!
  14. 2G Josh

    RWD 4G63 Subframe mod?

    I think its cool that you gave everyone the finger and continued with the build. But did you ever stop and ask yourself if you're waisting your time and money? You could have made a badass 1g with that time and money.
  15. 2G Josh

    Top line rebuild kit

    I'm not going to pay the grand for the machining. I'm going to find a cheaper place.
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