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Recent content by 1cleangsx

  1. 1cleangsx

    Landmark EPA Ruling/SCOTUS

    Cheers to Wyoming! I’m thankful there’s no Bull$h%t inspection sticker on my car:hellyeah:
  2. 1cleangsx

    GVR-4 4g63 won’t start after rebuild

    Kinda sounds like my fresh rebuild when I went to start it and it wouldn’t idle on its own, it would backfire out the exhaust when trying to start it, did a compression test and had ZERO compression on #1 cylinder, found out I had 2 bent intake valves from improper head installation. Basically I...
  3. 1cleangsx

    2G Turbo rebuild kits.

    JusTurbos FTW.
  4. 1cleangsx

    Street Build 1G Build: Return of the DSMer!

    Bigger turbo:sneaky:
  5. 1cleangsx

    Street Build 1G Build: Return of the DSMer!

    Man that sucks! I’m excited for you tho on all the future plans:rocks:! You don’t hear of h beams breaking too often, you must’ve been makin some jam on that Xona:hellyeah:
  6. 1cleangsx

    91 GSX

    How many miles on the clock? Sounds like your considering a rebuild this winter? I highly recommend AMS auto and machine in Fort Collins, I’m a little over 300 miles on my engine they built with great oil pressure and a catch can that stays bone dry after pulls:D
  7. 1cleangsx

    91 GSX

    What a BEAUTIFUL car! That color is SEXY.
  8. 1cleangsx

    1G 1g tob noise & rpm drop - crankwalk

    That sucks Tony, do you know what caused it?
  9. 1cleangsx

    1990 Mitsubishi GSX

    Good luck with her:rocks:
  10. 1cleangsx

    2G Fetches big price

    I just have to say after dumping thousands into mine to make power I’m happy to just be able to turn the key and know it starts lol. Today I cruised her thru town, hit the car wash, then the gym, and just enjoyed driving a classic. Don’t get me wrong, listening to it idling at a light with s3’s...
  11. 1cleangsx

    1990 Mitsubishi GSX

    Marty! I have the same stmtuned sticker on mine LOL but on the passenger side:thumb:. Are those Thundervolt plug wires? #team90FTW!
  12. 1cleangsx

    Boostin Performance has gone 6s!!!!! 6.98 @ 215

    I believe Devin him self has said it’s keeping the AWD platform together that’s kept them from crossing that 6.99 barrier, the car has been clearly making the power to do it for a while now so CONGRATS!! But I still am almost even more impressed with that TRAP SPEED! There’s V8’s making more...
  13. 1cleangsx

    1G New personal best

    I remember your old track outing posts with the PPG trans you would break immediately EVERY Time lol, so here’s to the AUTO:thumb:
  14. 1cleangsx

    Street Build 1g build - The Real Life Trials and Tribulations of building a DSM

    Yeah the blue would be your low level light.
  15. 1cleangsx

    Street Build 1g build - The Real Life Trials and Tribulations of building a DSM

    Here’s how mine sits currently lol, I plan on mounting it somewhere somehow eventually, I gotta say man your killing it with all the pics! I have a question in regards to your Full Blown hanger, it looks like in your pics the green wire went to the float? That’s how mine is also wired currently...
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