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19Eclipse90's latest activity

  • 19Eclipse90
    If the filter sits flush and seals, I don’t see a problem at all. And that would be a very nice find for future DSMers!I’d probably red loctite the fitting into the housing to keep it from backing out.
  • 19Eclipse90
    To me, it seems that the advantage of using the Subie fitting is more threads into the oil filter housing because it's a tad longer than just the threaded portion of the stock bolt. You can also tighten it with a socket or wrench. If you use a...
  • 19Eclipse90
    What country are you in that makes it impossible to get a stock manifold? This is a very helpful community - someone should be able to send one to you, regardless of where you are located.
  • 19Eclipse90
    When you’re doing this with the original DSM parts, you are not using the portion of the shaft with the hex or shoulder. It becomes a straight, hollow shaft threaded on the outer diameter the whole length of the piece.Like you said - ancient...
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 reacted to pauleyman's post in the thread mitsubishi mighty max dumb idea with Hell Yeah Hell Yeah.
    This has to be a dumb idea. I wouldn't even know where to start but, how would one go about getting a quad cab mighty max in the US? Prefer 2nd gen.
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 reacted to jdxnc's post in the thread What did you do to your DSM today? with Like Like.
    Actually Tesla should move to the universal charging standard that literally every other EV offers and now are offering up to 350kw DC fast charging.Removed 20lbs of oem wiring from my DSM today
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 reacted to Imback's post in the thread 92 Galant VR4 with Like Like.
    So now that i've been able to drive the galant more. I always felt like the motor had excessive play. It did have stock mounts so i was figuring the bushings are probably just torn. Upon closer inspection i noticed the rear motor mount bracket...
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 reacted to jdxnc's post in the thread 3D Printed Car Parts with Like Like.
    Ignore the carboard backing for now, this will be replaced with 2mm carbon fiber but I have the mount for my Fueltech completed.
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 replied to the thread 3D Printed Car Parts.
    Some things I've been playing around with over the last few months, mostly just for fun.1G Side Mirror Inner Covers for Power Mirror Models (MB479156 and MB479157)1G Wing Wiper Trim (MB574107)1G FlipUp Sunroof Latch Mount (I'm calling...
    • 1673013346013.png
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    • 1673013523061.png
    • 1673013597181.png
    • 1673013672336.png
    • 1673013736414.png
    • 1673013804454.png
    • 1673013856734.png
    • 1673013245167.png
    • 1673013151474.png
    • 1673012460320.png
    • 1673012537211.png
    • 1673012600891.png
    • 1673012675239.png
    • 1673012731404.png
    • 1673012825334.png
    • 1673012918116.png
    • 1673012996415.png
    • 1673013069220.png
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 replied to the thread Need oil pump help on 4g64.
    The 2G 4G64 still uses the same oil pump as the 4G63. And the 1G 7-bolt oil pump is the same as the 2G. See: 1g 7bolt, Help with timing side installation.
  • 19Eclipse90
    Well, it's been a interesting couple months with the Galant.I don't drive the car much, but a few weeks back I started noticing the car was running funny as boost started coming on. I didn't think much of it at first, but soon realized the...
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 reacted to Tyeler18's post in the thread Baja bound- 4g63 mighty max with Like Like.
    So this build has snowballed drastically over the years into what its turning into now, but most of the end goal has been the same. A 4g63T powered mighty max. I traded for this truck 7 years ago. I had purchased a Z28 camaro to use as an LS swap...
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 replied to the thread new 95-99 GST Transmission.
    I'm not nearly as familiar with AWD transmissions - the one thing that does stick out to me is that "K" in the engraving. There are not a lot of search results for transmission codes with the "K" there. It is, in my opinion, a "too good to be...
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 replied to the thread new 95-99 GST Transmission.
    It's not a GST transmission - plain to see that F5M22 engraving. GST manual transmissions were all F5M33. Based on a little Google-ing, this particular transmission code looks like it is for a N11W model code Space Wagon, around 1995 model year.
  • 19Eclipse90
    Yes. A 1G 7-bolt block shape on the transmission side looks like a 1G 6-bolt. But the oil pan and oil pump hump look like a 2G.I'll agree with what has been said, it sounds like a 1G 7-bolt engine. The process of installing one of these in...
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 reacted to b00st3d's post in the thread 2G Billet Aluminium Handles with Like Like.
    Production has completed. These are shipping to me today from the machine shop.
  • 19Eclipse90
    I think the confusion is that he has the lump on the oil pan which makes it a 7 bolt but he's also got a 1g CAS, 1g water pump, and the block/trans don't line up in one area which are all the signs of a 1g engine in a 2gIf there are no holes...
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 reacted to streetraceboi's post in the thread 1G Did I Win the Lottery? with Like Like.
    Im just impatiently waiting for more pics :p
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 replied to the thread 1G Did I Win the Lottery?.
    Want to sell it? :sneaky: It'd be nice to trade up to a '90 model with 300K+ fewer miles on it than mine. LOLWelcome to the community!
  • 19Eclipse90
    19Eclipse90 reacted to Shooty's post in the thread 3D Printed Car Parts with Like Like.
    I've played around today and tried copying the top door vent for 2G's. I printed a rough idea of how they would look like and they turned out great! Some minor modifications must be done for a better fit
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