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For sale Freelancer !!!ROUND 2!!! 2G Adjustable tubular Rear upper suspension arm / wishbones, With R/C adjustment. (CLOSED)!!!!!

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LIST NOW CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELLO TUNERS!!! Im back with the AWESOME rear tubular upper arms again for round 2 this time!!! woop woop. The only adjustable tubular set on the market.

So I have been asked many many times for these since the first batch were made and I am finally able to make another batch up!

Minimum order to make the batch is 20 but from memory i have been asked more then that this year alone! so im sure we will surpass that number.
So if I do get double that then i will work to get them all done as fast as i can and likely do half and send that half of the batch to get powder coated and while they are there for the week and a bit do the other half ready for swapping over. (hopefully it times out nicely)


These are Rear upper wishbones with adjustable roll center adjustment brackets.

The last batch sold really well and are still going strong to this date! so get yourself a set of the ONLY adjustable Tubular rear upper arms made for the DSM! race proven and tested in many areas, these offer great weight savings and adjustability.


*1 the inner roll center bracket will now come with 5 location holes as opposed to 3! this is to allow a finer adjustment setting roll centers from more varying ride heights. so now spaced every 1/2" vs 1" previously.

*2 the outer bracket will now have some small wings on the bottom where the m12 bolts pass thru to help support the face so when bolting up it does not try to bring it in when bolting on the outer most hole.

They were already strong and did very well in all areas so not much to revise on these so more adjustment is better for everyone.


These are made from CDS (seamless) also known as DOM high strength steel tube all Tig welded.

* As always I use very strong Chromoly racing rod ends (Teflon/kevlar injected) with rubber dust covers as standard

* All brackets are laser cut for precision

* Turned parts are all CNC machined

* All hardware is 12.9 grade high trength socket capped bolts and nyloc nuts

* They will be cleaned then zinc base primed and powder coated a matte ish black finish!

These weigh in at 4.3 LBS for the complete kit/side, moving parts weigh in at only 2.7 LBS!

Oem with SPC or ingalls adjusters weigh in at 5.4 LBS and moving parts are 4.1 LBS and the Galant is a little lighter then Oem.

The arms offer -2.2 degrees of camber and also +1.5 camber. Each hole on the outer bracket is spaced equally to offer precise adjustment for both sides.

The Inner bracket is a little different then anything else for our cars as I have made it to incorporate inner pickup adjustments which allow you to adjust roll centers and find that good setting for getting the best out of your setup and ride height of your car, This was done to counteract the bad effect lowering your car has to the suspension system and controlling arm movement is critical for mechanical grip

I have been running mine with great results! it is a little noisier as to be expected as its now not using any rubber on them and its alot stronger too plus zero bush deflection now using rod ends.

fully rebuildable with new rodends and boots if you ever need to! (im still on the same rodends from my prototype set i made years ago) so thats how good the rodends are!!!!!

Effects of Rear Roll Center Adjustment (each car is different and will respond differently)

Rear roll center affects on- and off-throttle situations in all cornering stages (entry, mid, exit)

LOWER roll center

+ More on-throttle grip

+ Less grip under braking

+ Use to avoid traction rolling at corner entry (increases rear grip)

+ Use under low traction conditions

+ Increases traction, reduces rear tire wear

HIGHER roll center

+ Less on-throttle steering

+ Car is more responsive

+ Use in high grip conditions to avoid traction rolling

+ Use on tracks with quick direction changes (chicanes)

Please read details

!! NOTE!! Price is in UK Pounds
as exchange rate will vary. GBP price is £352, But remember to please pay in POUNDS (£352) and not dollars!! and thats fully shipped price with insurance and tracking to the Lower 48 states, any where else or other countrys please message me for as shipping quote, Canada tends to run a little bit more but can be quoted on upon request. all items ship from the UK.
Metal prices have risen alot and also shipping so I have zero control over those raises im afraid

I will end this in mid SUNDAY 3RD oct 2021 , I will keep the group notified here or PM's of course through out the build as I always do

for these Full payment to secure and get you on my list. once its all closed I will get cracking with it all and my aim is to have them all shipped out mid DEC or sooner If i can so you all have a nice Christmas present to open!!! haha

When paying via paypal, please provide the following,
* Full name,
* Address
* PLUS phone number! I dont like chasing for phone numbers as it delays everything and your shipments when i come to book them in for collection!
* Screen name on Dsmtuners so I can find you here easier if I need to message you for any reason

Please ask any questions or anything at all and I thank you for reading.

List of people buying suspension arms.

1. @keith taylor
2. @gd356
3. @Vukaj81405
4. @miguelmcv
5. @tylersevo
6. @97talonKY
7. @elocneas
8. @Mitsi_Itsi
9. @bluespunk
10. Anthony M
11. @BizkitGarcia
12. @Verdant
13. @spyderdrifter
14. @2slow4utsi
15. @Nic_Di_Censo
16. @josh408
17. @GSXbooster
18. @Shimmer
19. @TommyDSM
20. @Maximuscr31
21. @calgst95
22. @Vrooom-BANG
23. @ERJ-145 driver
24. @jpmxrider489
25. @fourgsixty3
26. @efrainz28
27. @96talonp75
28. @No Crust
29. @Alex gomez
30. @Christian Helsel
31. @VanScoter
32. @DSM98GSX
33. @boostjunkie24..
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Latest questions

Hey all

Im back to work now since the wife has now cleared from covid. I still never got it so thats good also.

I have got the arms to powder coating. Im hoping i can have them back by next weekend but i got to see what they say mid week when i call to see where they got to with them all.
Good to hear you guys are alright! Rock on my dude. :rocks:
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Reactions: ec17pse
Yeah me too. Wife had load of pains and a really bad flu like symptoms, hot/cold sweats so i had to do my best to keep her happy, calm and comfotable. Just glad to be back to work now. I liked being home as i got to do some house bits and christmas lights but mainly haply as the wife got better over all.
Praying for a speedy recovery for you guys.
Hey all.
bit of news/update.

My wife has Covid so im isolating / awaiting for me to get it (if i do) currently im fine and negative and thought by now being so close in 1 house I would of got it by now! Hmmm

So im not able to go into work nor allowed to currently so the remainder of the arms will be on hold till im back. Coaters know this so will wait till im back and they are done.

Good news is the inner brackets are back from being coated! Those are only folded and then ready for coating so i got them done and out the way and are currently packed and ready for the arms to be done and packed together.

Bolt packs are pretty much done now.

Other then that no other updates yet.

I will keep you all updated here with my situation as if i do get a positive result i have to reset my time to isolate again 😒😢

Until then thanks for understanding the situation.
One member found this helpful.
Thank you. she is doing ok currently, just fever and flu symtoms. she got me looking after her so hopefully thats enough to help her feel better!! haha
Hope you guys get better.
One member found this helpful.
Take care man, hope the wife is feeling better soon.
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