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For sale Freelancer ***** NEW PRODUCT ***** 2G DSM Drip rail replacement molding DIY kit* (Active)

PRE Orders Active until Friday 15th March! FREE fitting kit with pre orders. MB881973 – MB881974
£170.00 to £200.00 £160.00 to £190.00
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⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ NEW DSM 2G product pre-release ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

📣📣2G DSM DIY DRIP RAIL new molding/extrusion kit 😮😲😁

MB881973 – MB881974

Note - Pre-Orders are now ACTIVE! This will close on Friday 15th March, once closed I will process the orders and get everything into production and moving along.


So….. This is possibly the MOST exciting product to come out for the DSM community in the LONG time.

What I have been working on for some time now is the 2G DSM drip rails, While I could not remanufacture the entire metal as well as a full item due to tooling costs etc I was able to have some tooling made to reproduce the outer section perfectly so you can now make your drip rails ONCE again look fresh and like new!

So what is it? The Details…

The rubber is a molded extrusion piece to mimic the OEM-formed metal shape, This looks as OEM as it can get right down to the lips on either side so you won't have any gaps or loss of material in either direction.

The rubber is now a modern EPDM for a long-lasting finish. It's resistant to temperature, sunlight, and chemicals ( of course not the harsh ones ) and is now a softer vs hard surface. I have also changed the thickness in the middle of the body from the OEM 0.3mm THIN to my NEW 1mm thick body. This is to allow the thickness to be more wear-resistant over time. Instead of it being so thin and drying out then flaking thus revealing the shiny chrome base, The thicker body now will last longer and offer more volume to protect against base metal coming through over time.

⚙️ The installation…

This IS a DIY kit so you will need to be prepared to do the work, prep and time is key! DON’T RUSH. Rough Est is about 2hrs per rail

( note that I will try and have SOME sets available to buy ready to bolt on but not many and refurbished from parts cars. ) USED parts can vary when I get them in but will never be bent or kinked in the metalwork.

Also as part of the DIY process, I will be doing a video for this to show you step by step on how it's prepped and the stages of progression along the way, so you have a full understanding of my process right through to finishing and being ready to bolt onto the chassis again. This will be released on my FIBA Motorsport dedicated Youtube channel.

What is supplied…🧐🧐

  • 2 lengths of the drip rail molding/extrusion, 1 for each side. They are over-sized in length to allow trimming once complete.
  • 2 lengths of NEW top foam padding, This is to complement the new rubber and freshen up the seal against the chassis For the FULL refurbished effect
  • Adhesive/glue for the installation.

Pre-orders will receive a fitting KIT as part of the pre-orders for free! once the pre-order date passes These will be chargeable (£10 each)
This includes,

  • Emery cloth for prepping the rubber surface on the BACK for bonding
  • Hand roller for the TOP face surface of the rubber once applied to the metal base for smooth distribution and leveling.
  • Blue masking tape
  • Mini brushes for adhesive spreading

What you will need that is NOT supplied,

  • A (NEW un-contaminated ) steel Wire wheel for your angle grinder. Flat or dome, both work well. Would of supplied but the US don't use metric threads
  • Angle grinder
  • Safety goggles are a must!!!
  • Sharp razor blade for trimming the ends once all dried.
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol panel wipe/spray.
  • Clean cloths. NO tissues!!!
  • Clear surface area to work on.


Happy to discount for more than 1 kit being bought. ( 1 free pre order fitting kit per customer order )
Please enquire about this for multiples.

PRICE is IN GBP now, check XE or paypal rates for current US prices.
When you order pm me with your paypal and i can send you the request which will make it easier

Spyder - £170
Coupe - £200

shipping for 1 DIY kit to the USA/Canada is +£32 which includes insurance and tracking. Other locations please request shipping prices
includes Paypal fee's as part of this price.

I am going to be selling pre-finished drip-rails shortly. Both Spyder and Coupe versions will be available ( please enquire if this is what you wish to do )
  • option 1. I sell you a full replacement set ready to bolt on and you keep your own
Bare in mind the coupe are long and over sized shipping fee's do apply!
I will update these prices shortly here for the pre built units ready to bolt on.

FIBA Motorsport drip rails.jpg
FIBA Motorsport drip rails2.jpg
FIBA Motorsport drip rails3.jpg
FIBA Motorsport drip rails4.jpg
FIBA Motorsport drip rails5.jpg
FIBA Motorsport drip rails6.jpg
FIBA Motorsport drip rails7.jpg
FIBA Motorsport drip rails8.jpg


Latest questions

Mine aren't bad yet, but it sounds as if this may be a good item to have on hand
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Always good to have a good set on hand for when that time comes. Very few nice oem ones about these days
Pre orders are active now if you wish to proceed.
I'm so happy seeing such a product develop right now 🥹
Pre orders are active now if you wish to proceed
Sorry if I missed it but I want to be added to the diy kit preorder 1 kit. I didn’t see instructions on how to join though.
@mikejsmith1985 send me a pm and your paypal and exactly what you want and how many of etc and i can you you the invoice over to you for that
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Amazing!! You gonna save these cars, Bobby! Great work!
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Save not quite but im going to do my best and my part to help the community and chassis out as best as I can
More 1GB parts please Bobby! LOL. Mouldings would be awesome!
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