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For sale Freelancer ***** NEW PRODUCT ***** 2G Billet Brake Calipers Road/Race / 4/6 piston Modular, Brembo Alternative (OPEN)

Pre Orders being accepted
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Ad details

Hello Tuners and thanks for coming to read this post!
I am wanting to look into branching out and this next part will be a huge jump if i do, not only for me but the community as a whole.

UPDATE!!! new pics below PLUS!!!!!!! IF I CAN GET 5 PRE ORDERS I CAN GET A DISCOUNT ON THESE AND TAKE OFF A FURTHER £65 POUNDS ( around $90 currently ) BRINGING THE SETUP TO £860 SHIPPED!!! I cannot get this if i do not get 5 sets pre ordeded. so I am only listing it here incase those interested want to get a bit of a saving!

Quick detail,
I am booked into have a meeting with the designers and engineer in a few weeks but I wish to jump ahead and get it logged here for members to jump in and discuss and if its of interest to them. I can get some pictures then of the calipers i will be starting with

As some of you know I sell the Galant knuckles for the Evo Brembo's but over the last few years they have been trickier to get ahold of so I have had a thought for some time now about offering an alternative to keep the crowd happy but also offer something no one else is for us currently!

So factoring the price of knuckles (currently $410) and calipers (roughly $500 if you can get them that cheap) and refurbing them (possibly $300-400) as most need it and most of the time its also seals so likely more like $500 with coating and seals etc this kit will likely be about the same or slightly less depending how much you pick up the Brembo calipers for. that all adds up to $1310 -$1410 as a rough price guide from ebay calipers and rebuild service,

im hoping this kit will be close to or LESS then what the Brembo setup would cost to do. thats just a rough idea currently. i think i can get this to around $1200 as a vague pricing from them but it depends on my ideas to make them a wider modular item what its actually going to cost

This base kit is to be an alternative to the Evo Brembo calipers and not needing the knuckles so this kit designed to be good value for money and not worrying about piecing together a kit that uses spacers for the rotor, lack of rotor options or tapping and possibly even grinding of the Brembo caliper itself etc etc. This will be a 100% bolt on kit made SPECIFICALLY for the 2G knuckle! Also it will be the ONLY kit thats able to be upgraded later to suit YOUR needs.

The base kit will consist of a pair Billet 4 Pot calipers with piston sizes as 2x40mm and 2x42mm but you can opt for different piston sizes (some include additional costs) these also come with Billet radial mounts (radial mounts are machined with a cooling arch ready to accept a brake duct i will be making as an addition extra, these units fit the stock DSM knuckle which will also include all the hardware needed for install (note I can do 6 piston calipers also using the same rotor for a small increase in price just incase)

pads I can also supply if required. you will need to buy brake lines which will use normal lines you already own or can buy from online

These calipers will also be modular!!! details below

Full modular list will be confirmed once i have had my meeting with the designer and engineer to confirm if my plans are possible on some bits I have in mind. all modular items will be chargeable on top of the base kit price

* pistons from alloy or to add stainless race inserts

* Add anti knock back (AKB) springs inside W/ AKB type pistons

* chance to swap to a larger rotor in the future and not have to keep to the 320mm Evo rotor whie still using the same caliper max upto 340mm rotor (saving you loads of money) for a big brake kit!!!

* piston sizes can be adjusted to your requirements, some add some cost to the caliper build but it means you have options on sizes to run! also staggered sizing possible

* can be powder coated or anodised and colors will be confirmed later on

* Can be made in road version with piston dust shields or a Race version with Zero external dust shield for the piston.

* options to go bigger caliper and have a 6 Piston caliper

Piston sizes are these. You have many to choose from

Piston 1

Piston 2

Surface area mm2

Calipers will be 100% fully rebuildable with replacement parts so no need to ever worry about spares being shy

Its not only calipers I am going to be offering but with this setup I can offer Rotor upgrades also in various sizes so if you later on wish to go to a 340mm rotor then I can help there also and do it in a 2 piece setup either semi floating or fully floating arrangement!

Thanks for reading and as always please reply in the comment section to discuss your thoughts and if you have any questions I will be happy to answer what I do know currently


FIBA MOTORSPORT 4 Pot Caliper.jpg

FIBA2 (1).jpg
FIBA3 (1).jpg

Latest questions

Pardon my ignorance but is this only the front or is there a rear option as well?
One member found this helpful.
Fronts for now. If there is real interest then i can look at doing a matching rear kit later on also. The rear bremo swap is still very much a decent option and quite affordable. I think i wont be as cheap as that option but i can still make them if required
I have been asked about 3 or 4 times if im doing rears so likely i will do them, i just want the fronts done and to sell first before i jump on the rears, i think you can understand that the fronts are more important currently
Understood and agreed
Will this preorder also include an option for 2 piece rotors?
I was going to look at yours after but I think i can still get something off in the pre order for yours as its still another kit at the end of the day plus rotors.
you available to chat later via video or something so i can go through the complete kit for your setup you require. pm me if yourok for a chat to discuss
One member found this helpful.
If I could get confirmation they'll clear a 17x9 +35 rpf1 I'll jump in on the group buy.
i wonder why they say it does here on the forum? sorry about that as i just found it here so thought it was ok info to share! and tire rack apparently too. the evo guys dont spec the 9"et35 but they do spec the 8.5 et 30 and they clear fine, with my calipers being smaller in overall width so say 7.5mm for the outside edge of face to spokes its a much better chance, let me see how long a brake template would take to draw up and get this emailed over for testing on your wheels.

but i just did a check on the wheels and rpf1 in your 9" x et35 has an outer spoke clearance of +1.4mm vs 8.5" x et30 so you gain 1.4mm clearance so by going through that I believe you will have lots more room then the evo guys have with brembos and these wheels
The biggest difference is the 17x9 +35 sizing having the flat spokes versus the curved. That is what causes the Brembo fitment issues on 2g's.
yeah im starting to read all kinds of issues in the design from size to size LOL. lets play it safe and let me get a template over to you and this we we can be 100% sure.
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