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For sale Freelancer ***** NEW PRODUCT ***** 1G + 2G FM-PRO Billet Brake Calipers Road/Race / 4 or 6 piston Modular, Evo Brembo and CTSV Alternative (OPEN)

orders now being accepted
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Hello Tuners and thanks for coming to read this post!

Thanks for reading and taking your time to look at my post on these awesome calipers I have for you all.


The 1G heat shield does need removing of modifying but that's a fairly simple process for you vs the gains you get from the bigger brakes!

please see my artice on pads and compounds with links that are available for my calipers here ----->

FIBA Motorsport race calipers 6 piston.jpg

FIBA Motorsport revised radial bracket.jpg
FIBA Motorsport revised radial bracket-1jpg.jpg
FIBA Motorsport revised radial bracket-.jpg


As some of you know I sell the Galant knuckles for the Evo Brembo's for the 2G but over the last few years they have been trickier to get ahold of so I have had a thought for some time now about offering an alternative to keep the crowd happy but also offer something no one else is for us currently!

This base kit is to be an alternative to the Evo Brembo calipers and not needing the knuckles so this kit designed to be good value for money and not worrying about piecing together a kit that uses spacers for the rotor, lack of rotor and pad options or tapping and possibly even grinding of the Brembo caliper itself etc etc. This will be a 100% bolt on kit made SPECIFICALLY for the 2G and 1G oem knuckle! Also it will be the ONLY kit thats able to be upgraded later to suit YOUR needs.

The base kit will consist of a pair Billet 4 Pot calipers with piston sizes as 2x41mm and 2x38mm which will work better with the factory master cylinder so this also helps save you some money and upgrade the master and booster but...... you can opt for different piston sizes (some include additional costs) these calipers also come with Billet radial mounts (radial mounts are machined with a cooling arch ready to accept a brake duct i will be making as an additional extra, these units fit the stock DSM knuckle which will also include all the hardware needed for install (note I can do 6 piston calipers also using the same rotor for a small increase in price just incase please ask if this is of interest)

pads I can also supply if required.

These calipers will also be modular!!! details below

* In stock form the piston sizes are calculated to work better with the factory booster and master cylinder vs the evo brembos and can save you some money!

* pistons are alloy or can upgrade to add stainless race inserts to help with heat transfer into the fluid at the rear of the piston.

* Add anti knock back (AKB) springs inside W/ AKB type pistons

* chance to swap to a larger rotor in the future and not have to keep to the 320mm Evo rotor while still using the same caliper max upto 340mm rotor (saving you loads of money) for a big brake kit!!! Larger rotor will 2 supplied by me and will be a 2 piece rotor in either full floating or semi floating. with this upgrade you just buy a new radial adaptor and use the same caliper to save you costs

* piston sizes can be adjusted to your requirements, some sized add some cost to the caliper build but it means you have options on sizes to run! also staggered sizing possible, please request this option but you must know what YOU need from your car and setup

* can be powder coated or anodised.

anodised colors are Black, or clear/grey effect.

Powder coat is from the RAL chart!

Red is 3020
Blue is 5002
Black is 9005
Silver is 9006

* Can be made in road version with piston dust shields or a Race version with Zero external dust shield for the piston. race calipers will need maintenance and shorter service intervals/checking.

* options to go bigger caliper and have a 6 Piston caliper, same size caliper just more clamping force for piston surface area.

Piston sizes are these. You have many to choose from, if you have a rough piston surface area your working towards then ask and i can see how close we can get, this also applies to the 6 pistons also!!

Piston 1

Piston 2

Surface area mm2

Calipers will be 100% fully rebuildable with all replacement parts available so no need to ever worry about spares being shy

Its not only calipers I am going to be offering but with this setup I can offer Rotor upgrades also in various sizes so if you later on wish to go to a 340mm rotor then I can help there also and do it in a 2 piece setup either semi floating or fully floating arrangement! if you wish to go all out I can even do a 2 piece rotor in a 360mm!

Thanks for reading and as always please reply in the comment section to discuss your thoughts and if you have any questions I will be happy to answer what I do know currently


pad selection AP pad code is CP3215D50 offer a pad surface area of 57.36cm2 and caliper they work with is the CP6740 if you wish to search for pads yourself.
Alcon 4463, APR CP3215D50, Ferodo 216, Hawk HB110, Mintex 1289, PFC 7767, Wilwood 8517, Wilwood 8521

FIBA MOTORSPORT 4 Pot Caliper.jpg

FIBA2 (1).jpg
FIBA3 (1).jpg
thumbnail_CEED-320x32-MON (8).jpg
thumbnail_CEED-320x32-MON (9).jpg
thumbnail_CEED-320x32-MON (7).jpg

data will consist of piston sizes, piston surface area, pad surface area.

Stop tech.

ST-40 Front, TBC
STR-40 Trophy TBC
pad TBC


caliper 4x41mm pistons, 26.58cm" piston area
pad 41.03cm2

aero6 TBC possibly 2 x 41.1mm 4 x 28.48mm, 26.06cm2
pad 52.90cm2


  • IMG_20211214_201707.jpg
    345.7 KB · Views: 879

Latest questions

Another caliper set done and out to the customer! This was a special custom request and the color had to come from Germany! Its a very tricky color to picture also but its like a kawasaki green. Every time i took a picture it was just not the same and no matter what I did i failed at capturing the true color and this was the best I could get! Its that bright.

else IMG_20220304_191205.jpg
The new version of the bracket has arrived! I made some slight visual tweeks to make it look a little nicer ( even though its not seen on the car ) but to me holding it in the hands it looks better

This is now a dual bracket so it fits both the 1G and 2G knuckle edges without any modifications!

else IMG_20220211_163027.jpgelse IMG_20220211_163021.jpgelse IMG_20220211_163009.jpg
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@shadow99 I am already accepting orders, once your ready to order just send me a PM with what you like or might like and I can assist you from there.
Im still on Probation I cant PM you :cry:
Fire away any message here if you need to.
Hey all, So I managed to get the calipers but the Eclipse ones were not finished in time so those brackets are due in to me in the new year.

Currently have these calipers here with me now and I have 1 set of brackets for my daily which is a Kia Ceed GT (JD) and this is the knuckle its mounted too. I decided to start making parts for the kia/hyundai group also now which is also expanding me as a person and my range!

Just wanted you to see how amazing these have turned out and Im really excited these are done and the project is finally complete!!!

If anyone ever has any questions or you wish to place an order then please feel free to ask anything or PM me and I can get you sorted!

Thank you all


else 269809490_10165189482341337_2535771921788221045_n.jpgelse 269797385_10165189482401337_2465076760898138130_n.jpgelse 269797020_10165189482551337_145746384083015740_n.jpgelse 269794986_10165189482686337_5319853696316268970_n.jpgelse 269797720_10165189482731337_3373409709212430385_n.jpg
else 269792387_10165189482566337_8683451071123495063_n.jpg
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