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For sale Freelancer *NEW* Expandable Rear-mounted Battery Tray

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After a long time of tinkering with the design, I've finally reached a point where I'm happy with my rear-mounted battery tray. This is a tray that utilizes the rear strut bar, and a lower mounting point on the chassis to mount a battery tray in the rear of a 2g DSM. I will likely be offering this for other vehicles too. My 240sx has a similar trunk situation, so I'm hoping this is a platform that I'll be able to expand upon for different cars.
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This battery tray is constructed out of aluminum 2020. It's lightweight, and strong enough to support the battery. This is the design in my own personal car, which I daily. Through weeks of testing, the final design has been performing superb in ensuring the battery doesn't move around. The great thing about designing out of aluminum 2020, is that it's completely customizable. If there is something that you might change to the tray, or add-on, it's simple! I'll be using this to my advantage as well. For people who purchase my rear-mounted solution, I'll be releasing "expansion packs." These will be additions to this battery tray system that could make your life easier. Perhaps a "road-trip expansion" with all the tools you'd need for a long roadtrip? Perhaps an "enclosure expansion" for the track? I'm open to ideas for this aspect, or make your own add-ons! Not only on the 2020, but expansions could be added to the threaded rod fixtures too. All 2020 pieces are designed so that they have forces that are favorable to how they mount (i.e. with those sliding nuts).
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Various aspects of the battery tray are enhanced via 3D printed TPU bushings. This entire design is effectively connecting the rear strut bar with another point on the chassis, so I included some bushings for less NVH. The battery tray itself is also mounted on the threaded rods via some bushings. The battery itself is also isolated from the tray frame with some TPU base bushings. All bushings are 95A. They are hard, but still capable for some play. I also TPU for a couple other little details to make the design cleaner.
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I was thinking about making the battery-securing more complicated. Perhaps some fixture to stop it's side-to-side motion; however, when I tested out the single battery strap, it worked amazing. The strap presses the battery down on the TPU bushings and helps lock the entire battery in place. It doesn't move. I even tested tilting the battery tray to one side, to see if the battery would begin slipping out the side. It stayed in the tray. This is a higher-quality strap as well, the latch and loops are metal. This tray is designed to handle groups 35, 51R, 47, H6, H8, 24, and 27 batteries, which pretty much covers most Jap, Euro, and 'merican cars. Feel free to verify your battery dimensions with me if needed.
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The initial idea was that this tray could work with interior and a trunk. Since the tray is mounted on threaded rods, it can be moved up/down for trunk objects to be slipped underneath. It's untested with interior; some trimming will likely be required.
The tray will come pre-assembled. Most of the work will be drilling 2 holes in the strut bar, and a couple in the trunk to mount the threaded rods. I will make a tutorial video on how to install all of the bits and pieces. The design is very compliant, the drill holes don't have to be exactly spot-on. The price for the package is $280 USD SHIPPED in NA. I'm trying my best to keep the prices reasonable, but there are a ton of high quality materials into this part, which don't pay for themselves. This is the final design, but the trays being shipped out will be even nicer than the one in the pics. Mostly because they won't be banged-up from testing, but I'm also just finishing up some small aesthetic details. Let me know if you have any questions! As usual, if you're interested in this sort of stuff, follow me on Instragram @hef_shop. I'll also be listing this on my website
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