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For sale Lancer Evo I Gear Set - 1 to 4, Input Shaft, Intermediate Shaft, Hub/Sleeves

This item has been sold and is no longer available!
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I'm selling a spare used Evo I 1-4 gear set, which can be installed into a DSM transmission. These have my favorite ratio set for the W5M33, they make for a really close ratio transmission with tall 1st and 2nd gears. They have the big hub & sleeve on 3rd & 4th which shifts quite nicely, and they'll handle a bit more torque than the 93-99 hub & sleeve on account of it being forged & broached instead of a cast powdered metal. The hub & sleeve assemblies look nice and the gears don't have wear. There is some gunk and buildup from being on the shelf for a long time; I don't have the chemicals and tools to take the assemblies apart and clean them up where I am, and therefore this setup is priced accordingly. I bought this setup used and didn't run it, but I'd have no concerns about running it myself after giving it a good cleaning and detailing (obviously replacing the bearings & synchros to freshen it up first). Please forgive the poor lighting in the photos.

Evo 1 Ratios vs DSM ratios:
1st: 2.571 (36/14) vs 3.083
2nd: 1.600 (32/20) vs 1.684
3rd: 1.160 (29/25) vs 1.115
4th: 0.862 (25/29) vs 0.833

Included are the following:
-Input shaft
-Intermediate shaft
-1st gear
-2nd gear
-3rd gear
-4th gear
-Input shaft sub-gear
-1/2 hub & sleeve assembly
-3/4 hub & sleeve assembly
-Reverse idler gear (Evo specific)
-Reverse idler arm (Evo specific - necessary to clear the Evo 1 input shaft)

I'm asking $800 for this setup, including shipping to North America. I prefer PayPal for payment.


Add $100 if you want the Evo 1-3 front differential pinion, which is needed to install the 63 or 64 tooth crown gear to get the really short final drive that Evos have. The stock DSM front differential pinion has the same tooth count but does not have the same tooth profile, and it will not work with the Evo crown wheel! Converting the final drive also requires the front ring gear, as well as the 3.909 rear crown & pinion. Use a 63-tooth front crown wheel if you have the 1.074 DSM transfer case, or 64-tooth crown wheel if you have the 1.090 DSM transfer case.


Also have a manky center differential with the gear pitch for Galant VR4 & early DSM. I wouldn't use it on account of it looking bad, but the gears and other parts are getting hard to find. I might keep it and harvest the gears out of it, but $offer away if you are really in need.


I'll have another spare Evo I input shaft, 1st gear & 2nd gear combination with hub & sleeve for sale eventually. Other spares will include used Evo II/III 3rd & 4th gear, as well as a new Evo III 3rd gear (MD747250).

Before anyone asks, I don't have any spare 5th gear setups, unfortunately.
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