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For sale Freelancer CLOSED!!!!! ***** ROUND 2 ***** 2G Front upper BILLET suspension arms / wishbones fully adjustable

LIST NOW CLOSING 28TH APRIL!!!! DONT MISS OUT. This is the long awaited and asked for item from myself. NOW THEY ARE HERE.
£665.00 to £740.00
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⚠️⚠️⚠️ 2G DSM / Eclipse Billet Front Upper Arms / FULLY ADJUSTABLE⚠️⚠️⚠️


Hello EVERYONE and welcome to this much awaited GROUP BUY release of ROUND 2!!!
Back in 2017 when I first did these they were highly wanted and I made quite a few sets and it's still wanted by loads to date - I am asked at least once a week for these if not MORE.

SO here they are once again BUT this time with a massive difference in design and materials!

What was wrong with the original Tubular design you may ask! Well... NOTHING. It worked very well and still does for many people! It's what I wanted to do to make them better for you all and the 3 huge differences are these points below.

* they are now going to be made from Billet aluminum for a lightweight yet strong design, they will come anodized in a few colors, more on this at the bottom of the page. They roughly work out at 760 grams just for the arm itself!

* These arms will now be adjustable ON the chassis vs the original design. This is done via a double adjuster shaft with twin locking nuts. While the original design worked very well I wanted to see if adding this was possible within the design space limits of the size of the arm. It took a lot of drawings and designs to make it work well but I got there.

* I am now able to offer a 3 piece chromoly race rod end as an upgrade for those wishing to use these. They are also lined with kevlar/teflon as the 2 piece and feature the same quality as aurora and NMB but not with the costs. Some people like 3 piece and I have been asked a few times if I can offer them, so these will be an UPGRADE option if chosen!!! 🤘

Here is a summary of the features it has. Many still based on the original design:

* ZERO clearance issues; they clear all body work under full compression.

* 100% custom designed from scratch for everything on this arm (several times I might add)

* Billet aluminum for strength and lightweightness

* EN24T shafts/spacers and adjusters for superior strength and they are super strong as they use this grade in some parts of aircraft landing gears! NO COMPROMISE HERE!!!

* Plating on the EN24T shafts are very high quality nickel/zinc black which last in tests over 1500 Hrs of continuous salt spray to avoid rusting. These shafts still look great now as they did back in 2017/18.

* High quality teflon/kevlar chromoly rod ends for everything I make covered with dust covers of course. 5/8 LF - RH UNF easily available for future replacements.
👉 If you want to order more rodends or boots at the time as spares please make me aware of this and how many. 6 used per chassis.

All hardware like nuts and bolts are clear zinc plated.

Stock weight in at 4lbs 5oz.

Camber adjustment will give you close to neg 3* (it's actually slightly more but this is a safe max to list) and you also have just over 1* of pos camber aswell.

Caster comes built into the arms from me, that should give you close to +1.6* of caster plus you can add more up to just around the +3* mark total. Will vary from car to car setup and specs.

The option of anti-dive and roll center adjustment is there if needs be, which is 6mm of raised height. You don't have to use it but it is there just in case. Each car setup might give slightly different end results from car setup.

🔔🔔🔔 This is based on 25 sets MINIMUM being paid for to make the batch go through.
Color options will be either black or hard clear for a titanium gold effect color
IF I get to 30 then I can open up red

Please note what ideal color you would opt for so I can tally it up and log how many of each. I need a min of 10 of each color to make it cost effective to color.

💵💵💵!!!!! PRICE !!!!!💵💵💵

Now paid in £ GBP please. Use the PayPal currency converter to check the most current exchange rate please.

🚗 2G Front upper arms will be £665 + shipping!

✈️ Shipping to the USA has 2 options now and from here on - Express 1-3 days £75 or Economy 4-7 days £45 ( any other locations other then the USA please message for a quote )

🚗 3 piece rod end upgrades are +£90
any extra spares please message to discuss to get the detail at the time of messaging me

PayPal will require full current addresses and please include your phone number - no phone numbers cause shipping delays! Thank you.

Deposit of £300 on these, then when the list closes you will be notified for the remaining balance, 1st deposit is 1st spot and so forth. They will ship as deposits are taken.

As always I am here to help so please do reply here or feel free to PM me and I can help in anyway.

Thanks Bobby @ FIBA Motorsport

CLOSING DATE for this will be 5TH may 2023.

Install link here 💪

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Latest questions

2G billet front upper arm update!!!!!!!!!!

All parts have been ordered. Somebits are trickling in. Rodends are due in soon as i ran them out of one hand haha so coming in soon.

Some of the metal arrived today and the rest next week as I also ran them out of this alloy steel also!

Other little bits or hardware are in and marking pens also for safety marking.

More updates to come when I have some for you all.

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Anodized update for the 2G DSM front upper arms.
I had some samples done so I can give a visual for the colors for you all to see.

Colors are...
Bright bronze
Bright red
Satin black

Just to note the hard clear is no longer done but instead im offering a bronze as a replacement as its nearly close enough as a color finish.

Let me know what you all think!

I really like them ALL! Im going to struggle to pick myself I think!! 😜😜🤣🤣


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Looking great Bobby.
That bronze is pretty amazing looking!
I’ve filled the form out. I don’t care which color because I don’t plan on looking at them once installed, but red is my first pick.
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Payment fully complete. Thank you!
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