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For sale Freelancer 2G front upper tubular suspension arms / wishbones adjustable (NOW CLOSED)

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Ad details

Full thread here

Hello everyone!

Install details here

link to the review of the set being tested currently by the member I gave them to

I was ment to be limiting these to only 20 sets for the first batch, but numbers are shooting up so i will assess it near the time and decide what to do then, so at the moment the list is just so i can see the numbers. EDIT!!!!! I have decided to run how ever many that get involved MIN 20 sets! if i get 40 sets I will order 40 sets of bits and work on the first batch of 20 and then get them out as space is tight then work on the 2nd half soon after! its easier for me for logistics etc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

basic rundown of these front upper arms are like so

ZERO clearance issues, i tested at max caster and camber and never hit anything! Full compression too

100% custom designed from scratch for everything on this arm! (several times I might add)

*CDS tube steel for strength.

*EN24T shafts/spacers for superior strength, super strong as they use this grade in some parts of aircraft landing gears!

*Plating on the EN24T shafts are very high quality nickel/zinc black which last in tests over 1500 Hrs of continuous salt spray to avoid rusting!!! Then fully heat treated to preserve the material!

*High quality teflon/kevlar chromoly rod ends for everything I make covered with dust covers of course. 5/8 RH UNF easily available for future replacements.

all hardware like nuts and bolts are clear zinc plated.

they offer a small weight saving over stock with the added benefit of full adjustment! Weight is per arm

mine weigh in at 3lbs 14oz

stock weigh in at 4lbs 5oz

camber adjustment
will give you close to neg 3* (its actually slightly more but this is a safe max to list) and you also have just over 1* of pos camber aswel.

caster comes built into the arms from me, that should give you close to +1.6* of caster plus you can add more upto just around the +3* mark total. will vary from car to car setup and specs

The option of anti-dive and roll center adjustment is there if needs be which is 6mm of raised height. you dont have to use it but it is there in case! Each car setup might give slightly different end results from car setup,

price I have worked out (I will go over this again to confirm I have not forgotten anything real soon) but it is looking to be around the $590 shipped mark if 20 are done, if only 10 are done then they will be roughly around $640 as I loose some discount which I cannot pass over to you all. again these prices will be confirmed before the proper thread goes live but its a general idea of price EDIT!!!!! I have checked my pricing and adjusted all that needs to be adjusted and the final price is $660 total!!! depending how many I get on board total when I do my ordering if the bulk of it works out and they give me some extra discount on top of what I already get from places I can add that up and refund the remaining difference back! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Include your full address and phone number in paypal please, less chasing or messaging for me. Thank you.

Deposit of $150 on these, then the rest before I order the parts etc, 1st deposit is 1st spot and so forth, but you will all get your arms so dont worry.

I will leave the thread open for a month or 2 as I know tax season people are waiting for hence the deposit only for now,

as always I am here to help so please do reply here or feel free to PM me and I can help in anyway.

Thanks Bobby


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@boostjunkie24 (Deposit #30)
@1point8Ltpower (Paid #31)
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