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For sale Freelancer 2G DSM Front Compression Arm Bush (Inner Winged Bush) ***PRE-ORDER SPECIAL***

The FIRST EVER special bush for the 2G DSM compression arm (inner mounting)

Ad details

WANT the ULTIMATE feel when braking and steering for your DSM! LOOK NO FURTHER! FIBA Motorsport does it again with this FANTASTIC product that is much needed for the 2G chassis. This removes the factory rubber and replaces it with a SPHERICAL bearing and our ANTI-DROOP bushes specifically designed for the control arm shape. No more bush deflection or moving under braking loads or cornering! This will give you the BEST feedback and braking possible PERIOD!


The 2G DSM compression arms are a weird arm. We ALL know this and it’s a problem arm, to say the least! THANKFULLY we NOW have a solution to better these arms for once.


I will accept orders throughout. Group buy pre-orders will receive FREE shipping US/Canada ONLY (other locations please get in touch to discuss)

I will close the GB 9th August and then get these into production the following week. EST time of completion is ABOUT 1.5 months due to getting parts anodized and plated etc.


  • Inner compression arm bush is a FULL replacement bush kit for the STOCK arm,
  • Strength, Precision, and feedback to the driver is what you will get from this INNER bush replacement kit.
  • Will fit ANY subframe designed for the OEM style compression arm mount design. (OEM, FIBA Motorsport tubular subframe)


  • Ultimate FEEDBACK to the driver! Know EXACTLY what your chassis is doing.
  • ZERO Deflection! Since we remove the factory rubber you won’t have ANY flexing of the bush.
  • Precision braking and steering. Now it is spherical you will have the same geometry for braking and steering throughout resulting in precise control for every corner and braking needs.
  • ANTI-DROOP bushes are designed for this kit specifically to allow full motion while stopping the arm drooping due to its curved design.


  • Alloy press in outer sleeve
  • Black anodized for looks and long term corrosion resistance
  • 4340/EN24T Chromoly mounting shaft (winged)
  • Black Nickel/Zinc plating for a long lasting finish and protection
  • Teflon/Kevlar lined Spherical bearing
  • ANTI-DROOP bushes to support the arm


This requires pressing out the OLD bushes and then pressing in the Sleeve. It is a simple process and additional removal/install tools are available as an optional extra to help the job, Requires the use of a FLYPRESS or Hydraulic press. Once pressed in the spherical will need to be pressed in alongside the shaft also as part of the process. a Write up will be done to demonstrate this for you and a link provided nearer the time.


Both the Sphericals and Bushes ARE wear items! If you require spares please add these during the checkout process,

These are designed for OEM sized bush “bores” ( 56.2 to 56.3mm ) Please confirm as the sleeve comes in ONE size (56.3mm) for the sleeve size to press into nicely. so if YOUR aftermarket arm is smaller you MAY need to reduce it to suit but DO NOT UNDER SIZE IT! I cannot be held responsible for modifying the sleeve wrong!

This KIT is NON-adjustable…. meaning it is a FIXED geometry setup as OEM was. IF you do require EVEN MORE Caster/Anti-dive then please check out my BILLET FRONT UPPER ARMS as these will allow full caster control and a whole lot more adjustments and more precision for you – 2G Billet Front Upper Control Arm

It is 100% STRONGLY advised that once installed you have a proper realignment done to the car.


I will be offering GOOD quality arms as full replacements that I trust and have used before.

If you select this option it’s a fully bolt-on version.

This charge includes:

  • NEW ARMS (pair)
  • Fitting of the NEW bush kit
  • Shipping difference from BUSH ONLY kit.


Fedex Economy (5-7days)

  • USA £32
  • Canada £37

2G DSM compression arm mounting bush #1.jpeg
2G DSM compression arm mounting bush #2.jpeg
render of 2G DSM compression arm bush INNER....jpg
render of 2G DSM compression arm bush INNER...jpg
render of 2G DSM compression arm bush INNER..jpg
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