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For sale Freelancer 2G adjustable tubular rear lower lateral and trailing arms (Closed)!!!!!

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Hello everyone,
please read as i have just changed this up quickly!!!

Full thread here

I would like to release these but fear its close to December so if I fill this list I can make this happen this year! if not i will delay these till after the new year or perhaps after the front uppers, Ideally if your interested then your ready to get on the list with a deposit of $100. If the list dont fill due to the dates etc it will all be refunded back and delayed till after the Holidays.

Here I have my rear lower arms and lateral arms. now I have all my details I needed they are now available for a batch to be made this will work a little differently as you have options this time! so please read.

you have a choice of 3 options, a complete kit with all 4 arms or 2 separate arm kits so either rear laterals or rear trailing, Note!!!! Toe arm is NOT included, its just in the pic as its in the way and to also show the alloy spacer for the ARB bracket

a discount will be applied if you have a full kit due to less shipping costs and box needed.

I will be making only 20 sets of each, I will need 20 to be filled ideally of both to go ahead but as long as the rear laterals are filled i can deal with the trailing on the side. make this a nice Christmas present to yourselfs!!! haha

Arm specs and details,

Rear lower laterals...

*3mm walled CDS steel with machined cup housings,

*all rodends and spherical are teflon/kevlar lined, the inner rodend on the subframe is chromoly while the ARB rodend is alloy for weight savings,

*also come with brackets to mount to your subframe to allow adjustment of roll center via the lower arm! this can be double bolted in or welded onto the subframe, great use for bringing that lower arm back into spec when lowering

*2 stage powder coating and comes with all new hardware as always.

*will come with an alloy spacer for your ARB bracket in case you need to space it out like I have done! its a precaution in case more then anything, please refer to my pic below to see what I mean

these come in at just under 2.9 lbs for each arm.
stock comes in at just under 3.8 lbs each.

Rear trailing...

*these are thicker and stronger then oem arms, they feature a 3mm wall and are made from CDS as like all my other items i make! OEM arms are 2mm wall and ERW!!! ewww

*same quality chromoly rodends as always

*the use of your oem inner bolt is to be reused due to the weird nature of the bolt and ease of it self locking.

*the inner mounting bushes will be made from 316L stainless steel! I chose this because alloy would take too much of a beating with the loads it may see in this position so I opted for a nice 316 stainless instead!

these weigh in at a little over 1.8 lbs (EDIT) material coming is now makes this just around 1.9 LBS not 1.8
stock units weight in at also a little over 2.2 lbs.

all will be shipped via fedex with insurance and tracking!

rear laterals are $410 shipped

rear trailing are $240 shipped

the complete kit will be $580 and thats a $70 saving!!!

any questions please do ask! please list what kit you wish to go for and I will make the list to suit accordingly



NOTE!!! every part is replaceable as they use common UNF rodend sizes and metric bolt sizes, when I get to do a write up on install I shall list all sizes and places you can get the replacements from.

Complete kit.

1, Eclipse1998 (paid) (shipped)
2, Mountain_man (paid) (shipped)
3, 95eclipser (paid) (shipped)
4, ileagleracing (paid) (shipped)
5, EclipseRacing99 (paid) (shipped)
6, Built420 (paid) (shipped)
7, Rival (paid) (shipped)
8, Apache (paid) (shipped)
9, Jakelandry (paid) (shipped)
10, llxKevinxll (paid) (shipped)
11, 96dsmftw (paid) (shipped)
12, josh408 (paid) (shipped)
13, slowwhite (paid) (shipped)
14, Mitsumikey (paid) (shipped)
15. efrainz28 (paid) (shipped)
16, danielsl1999gsx (paid) (shipped)
17, TheLemon (paid) (shipped)

Lateral arms (ARB)

1, steve-o_95_GST (paid) (shipped)
2, GSXbooster (paid) (shipped)
3, mantega4g63 (paid) (shipped)

Trailing arms,

1, Mitsumikey (paid) (shipped)

rear lateral and trailing arms.jpg

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