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For sale 1g 1992 eagle talon 2.3 stroker “partout/feeler”

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********Please read ad entirely thank u********

Hey, to start off let me 1st say I’ve been getting a lot of msgs about the 1g partout,if i didn’t get back to u I’m sorry….this ad will b listed as a feeler /options ,nothing will b removed/sold until I find out the outcome of the 2g gsx I posted on eBay link here:

Imma try n keep this listing short n sweet if any questions please reach out

*lastly I’m listing this ad with choices(A/B/C/etc) due to the fact that I will keep the 2.3 stroker motor unless I get a decent /fair offer for the car*

1992 eagle talon awd 5spd 6/4:

Engine spec:roughly 20k miles) (good 180-85 compression across board)
-fully built 2.3stroker 6 bolt 4g63t
* decked /honed (still factory size bores)
*eagle 100m stroker crankshaft
*wiseco forged 2.3l stroker piston(8.8-1)
*eagle h beam rods/arp 2000 bolts
*acl race mains/rod bearings
*arp hardware(headstuds /main studs)
*new oem oil pump/water pump/. tension/belt/ basically all new timing components
*balance shaft delete kit
*fluidampr crankshaft pulley
*MLS headgasket
*BC 272/272 cams
*BC cam gears(I had removed them n put stock cam gears back on,but will b included)
*BC titanium springs/retainers
*BC intake /exhaust valves
* Kiggly racing HLA
*3g revised lifters
*shaved/polished Val.cover
*jay racing alternator relocation(w. Upgraded steel base plate)

Forced induction/exhaust:
*Fp manifold
*holset hx35 with bep dsm housing
(Turbo has been rebuilt/center cartridge has been replaced with a new one,still have old one that will b included)
*custom vband 3’ 02 housing open dump for waste gate
*Tial 44mm v band wastegate w/dump tube(just replaced the seal/plunger about 3 months ago)
*full 3’ turbo back Apexi exhaust
*inlet/outlet is -an lines with restrictor
*Old school 10.5 ETS race intercooler w/piping
* old school Greddy Type S bov
** FP 4’ aluminum non recirculate intake pipe
**old school “discounted” MAgnus “drag”intake manifold flange for 90mm tb
**Q45 90 mm tb

*walboro 255 fuel pump wit rewire kit
** RC 1000cc injectors
* *Fuellab adjust. Fuel pressure regulator
*-6an inlet/outlet lines
* *Aem fuel rail

*megan “drag” coilovers
* Energy poly Urethane bushing **everything** (motor mounts/front-rear subframe/control arms/sway bar/etc)every single possible bushing has been change to poly
*solid bushing for shifter base/shifter cable/ carrier bearing housing
*replace oem both carrier bearings/u joint -yoke(I think is now discounted)
*transmissions was told was rebuilt @some point but that was over10yrs ago so unknown mileages but shifts good /with matching T-case
*short throw shifter
*both front axles has been replaced
*-an clutch line

*Dsmlink full v3 with cable(brought it in to be inspected/checkup sometime around 2015)
* ECmlink speed density kit (gm iat/Omni 4 bar /wire harness)
* Aem tru boost gauge setup
*Aem failsafe wideband kit
*glow shift oil pressure

* factory abs delete kit
*3000gt non vr4 front calipers(2piston calipers not 4piston brembo )basically same as 2gb gsx
*stainless steel lines
*drilled/slotted rotors
* 18’Work emotions (definitely seen better days-stiff suspension +ny roads= curb rash /bent)

* body now currently have 201k miles ,still nO rust(for more details on the history of the body/title check out previous sale ad:
*(discounted) clear set headlight/corner light
*aluminum radiator/hoses/slim fans
* Aftermarket Grant steering wheel
* trunk battery relocation
* tucked wire harness /fuse box relocated to glove box
* catch can

*****misc/spare parts****
* (factory rebuilt )91 5spd awd transmission wit matching transfer case(23 splines)got it from a old man never installed it ,cuz it was a backup but it feels smooth
*(discounted /damaged ) tinted 1gb headlight/corners ,driver headlight lens got damaged in accident but the rest of the pieces are good(check other ad for pix^)
* spare .20 6 bolt block (no rotating assembly just block/caps)
* misc 2g interior trim pieces(rear speaker panels/trunk pieces/etc)
* 6 bolt front case oil pump wit balance shafts
*turbo throttle body x2 ( I’m not sure if iac/tps works properly)
*stock 450cc inj(blue n black tops)
*(damaged)fully built 1g head(decked-port/polish-1mm oversized intake/exhaust valves- super tech dual valve springs-3g revised lifters-comp 272/272 cams(the damage was oil starvation in the head the #2 intake cam journal got chewed up a bit on the head n cam honestly can still b salvaged but I had spare heads ready)

Ok so now for the options portion:
Option A:
-the entire car minus the engine spec/forced Induction/and any listing that has (**),car will be complete otherwise meaning you’ll need a longblock to get it running /driving again
Option B:
- full partout!!everything for sell,engine stays complete tho not wasting time separating to sell small pieces(will not begin partout until 2g eBay listing ends or have majority of the parts spoken for)
Option C:
-sell the car complete as a running /driving 2.3 stroker,NOTE: don’t waste time tryin to lowball offers, engine setup alone isn’t selling for less than 3.5-4k ,to give u a idea

Option D:
-anything listed in the ****misc/spare *** section is for sale right now!!, just send offer n we go from there

Option E: SPRInG CLEaning
Car/spare parts/etc everything pertaining to1g that I have listed n not listed (watever dsm parts I have in storage)

***there’s so much more but I think this is enough ,keep in mind I had the car for over 10yrs so spent a lot of time /money /n gather a lot of parts -discounted n otherwise***

If any questions feel free to reach out and we go from there please make sure to check out the previous link for ad on the 1g for more info on the car history ..etc thx ..sorry this ad turned out to b long also smdh
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