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Top 100 Threads

Title Replies Views Thread starter Forum
ballen1 AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07] 835 130987 ballen1 Drivetrain Tech
keltalon Evo 1 Gsr Awd Lsd Transmission In 2g 626 52665 keltalon Drivetrain Tech
Morphius 90 shift linkage vs 91-94 shift linkage 101 37267 Morphius Drivetrain Tech
eboy0 Which way does the clutch disk need to face? 4 36546 eboy0 Drivetrain Tech
iamtall77 Trannies for RWD 104 34956 iamtall77 Drivetrain Tech
APRTALON91 B&M and clone short shifter 2nd gen eBay Megan [Merged 3-7] 588 30582 APRTALON91 Drivetrain Tech
paintball4fun21 Cheap RWD conversion 8 30531 paintball4fun21 Drivetrain Tech
TJCTalon Automatic Trans upgrade thread 89 30385 TJCTalon Drivetrain Tech
Cesar [RESOLVED] Transmissions (bar codes, serial numbers) 24 30211 Cesar Drivetrain Tech
GreddySpyder Fastener Torque Values [Merged 3-9] value tightness torques specs specifications 597 29881 GreddySpyder Drivetrain Tech
Tiki2777 Brands/places to avoid when buying a CV axle? 9 29854 Tiki2777 Drivetrain Tech
twicks69 Quarter Master Clutch - Sneek Peek Prototype design twin-disk! 223 29840 twicks69 Drivetrain Tech
nazthug obx lsd [Merged 5-7] limited slip phantom grip 199 29193 nazthug Drivetrain Tech
FastRthenU Dog Box dogbox trans transmission [Merged 3-7] 139 28047 FastRthenU Drivetrain Tech
bastarddsm And so it begins, 1G AWD conversion. 60 27545 bastarddsm Drivetrain Tech
mini zilo 1996 Eclipse GSX automatic to manual swap- Progress Thread 14 24721 mini zilo Drivetrain Tech
Dark_Horse Missing "spacer" plate that goes between block & transmission 19 24000 Dark_Horse Drivetrain Tech
BoostedBeaver Rear Differential Identifiers??? Manual vs Automatic 11 23998 BoostedBeaver Drivetrain Tech
my95tsi How much do you think a shop would charge to replace 1 axle seal? 31 23132 my95tsi Drivetrain Tech
my dreamt dsm High RPM Clutch Slippage vs Low RPM Slippage 5 22576 my dreamt dsm Drivetrain Tech
1sttimedsmr [RESOLVED] Difference between an automatic and manual transfer case 20 21977 1sttimedsmr Drivetrain Tech
VRP Shep Problems..... 110 21448 VRP Drivetrain Tech
DSMRevolution Pennzoil Synchromesh Manual Transmission Fluid 70 21285 DSMRevolution Drivetrain Tech
jeremy19984g63 Here is transmission part numbers we all need 61 21087 jeremy19984g63 Drivetrain Tech
Jello_Rolls Double Clutch Shifting [Merged 11-8] clutching synchronizing 59 21053 Jello_Rolls Drivetrain Tech
DSM_ThuNDeR Bad Center Diff? OR TRANSFER CASE???? 8 21028 DSM_ThuNDeR Drivetrain Tech
Ludachris Drivetrain FAQ suggestions? 28 20954 Ludachris Drivetrain Tech
WillRaceForBeer Car got stuck in 5th gear, can't yank out... 12 20642 WillRaceForBeer Drivetrain Tech
PFC_CiarlilloM Transmission Fluid 21 20326 PFC_CiarlilloM Drivetrain Tech
skizzo81 4g63 rwd transmission... ? 3 20236 skizzo81 Drivetrain Tech
knochgoon24 [RESOLVED] Drive Shaft U-Joint 17 20196 knochgoon24 Drivetrain Tech
360glitch Help! Drivetrain noise during decelartion/coasting while in gear? 13 19629 360glitch Drivetrain Tech
twicks69 South Bend Clutch Users Questionairre- looking for updates on everyone's setups! 141 19101 twicks69 Drivetrain Tech
kilo4 OEM vs Aftermarket: clutch master and slave cylinder 18 18669 kilo4 Drivetrain Tech
RadDsm 1G/2G Transmission/Driveline compatibility 15 18583 RadDsm Drivetrain Tech
codeofdastreets 92-96 summit/colt/mirage conversion to awd 4 18578 codeofdastreets Drivetrain Tech
gstspyder1998 Accidentally put power steering fluid on the clutch master cylinder??? 5 18528 gstspyder1998 Drivetrain Tech
Artago South Bend Clutch Info Thread 43 18518 Artago Drivetrain Tech
Bender FULL Replacement Aluminum Driveshaft (No Longer made) 37 18469 Bender Drivetrain Tech
hotshot_tsi XTD clutch 43 18353 hotshot_tsi Drivetrain Tech
radgsx sequential shifter 56 18350 radgsx Drivetrain Tech
v8s_are_slow Unsprung clutch disc. 4 or 6 puck? 63 17960 v8s_are_slow Drivetrain Tech
gsxonthebeach got rear-ended, now transmission problems? 7 17637 gsxonthebeach Drivetrain Tech
ltho98 Tranny goes into gear but doesn't move. Ideas? 20 17287 ltho98 Drivetrain Tech
Talipse96 Stock or built transmission 32 17049 Talipse96 Drivetrain Tech
daplatano91 3000gt Vr4 rear in 1g 31 16298 daplatano91 Drivetrain Tech
Fattie92 SBR 3500 Clutch Review 121 15836 Fattie92 Drivetrain Tech
99gst_racer Which is the Best LSD?? Kaaz or Quaife?? 110 15513 99gst_racer Drivetrain Tech
Takophiliac f5m33 rebuild (DSM FWD Transmission) 12 15230 Takophiliac Drivetrain Tech
fivestardsm How To: Shifter cable and brackets: Diff. between 90-91 DSM & VR4 trans 5 15118 fivestardsm Drivetrain Tech
16GTSI Viscous Coupler Eliminator kit 65 14948 16GTSI Drivetrain Tech
ali light weight vs stock flywheel 6 14821 ali Drivetrain Tech
dsm92talonboost 2nd gear 4rth and reverse wont go in... 20 14679 dsm92talonboost Drivetrain Tech
98mitsubishigst 6 bolt motor with a 7 bolt trans? 23 14659 98mitsubishigst Drivetrain Tech
badboyr66 "Spec" clutches? 160 14567 badboyr66 Drivetrain Tech
nazthug obx lsd - update 143 14557 nazthug Drivetrain Tech
nellystyle i hate my dsm 445 14494 nellystyle Drivetrain Tech
vassil My RWD Eclipse (25.1e full tube chassis) 34 14468 vassil Drivetrain Tech
nikkeebabee 500-600hp clutch suggestions?? 111 14378 nikkeebabee Drivetrain Tech
TSisleeper 6 bolt 4g63 in an s10!!! 19 14208 TSisleeper Drivetrain Tech
turbo90gsx Aluminum driveshaft ? {merged 11-8] drive shaft shafts 79 13891 turbo90gsx Drivetrain Tech
silverbullett Redline MTL Vs. MT-90?? Honest opinions please 16 13769 silverbullett Drivetrain Tech
Defiant Pennzoil Synchromesh ->Review 14 13619 Defiant Drivetrain Tech
mavericktsi83 Jacks Trans Super HD gears and durability ?'s 52 13389 mavericktsi83 Drivetrain Tech
flipjbm New clutch, won't shift into gear now 3 13306 flipjbm Drivetrain Tech
Spoolin98 Shifter Cables Install Help 34 13278 Spoolin98 Drivetrain Tech
keltalon Straight cut synchronized gear box! 106 13175 keltalon Drivetrain Tech
eligst21 transmission bolt sizes 4 13167 eligst21 Drivetrain Tech
93AWDDSM lucas transmission stop leak? 8 12917 93AWDDSM Drivetrain Tech
94Jettameowpsst What will your vehicle do with a bad tie rod end? 4 12789 94Jettameowpsst Drivetrain Tech
ian_maham 6 Speed Transmission 22 12784 ian_maham Drivetrain Tech
98blackeclipse Just bought a ebay clutch. 23 12340 98blackeclipse Drivetrain Tech
slowgsr AWD clutch replacement. 20 12311 slowgsr Drivetrain Tech
edmundturner How do i tell if a synchronizer is good or bad? 6 12218 edmundturner Drivetrain Tech
turbofanatic cv joint keeps breaking WTF 14 12198 turbofanatic Drivetrain Tech
njdaewoo Clutch pedal falls to the floor! 4 12098 njdaewoo Drivetrain Tech
fastnelson awd 5 speed transmission are strong? 28 12066 fastnelson Drivetrain Tech
red1993gsallmt Launch Control Solenoid!!! 14 11939 red1993gsallmt Drivetrain Tech
MIdsm Hydraulic Release Bearing 27 11939 MIdsm Drivetrain Tech
doodie Penzoil Synchromesh? 36 11908 doodie Drivetrain Tech
boostadd1ct How did you break in your stage 4 xtd clutch?(searched) 61 11890 boostadd1ct Drivetrain Tech
FastJetta How To- Weld Center Diff (LOTS OF PICS) 14 11885 FastJetta Drivetrain Tech
Razor Can't engage into 2nd, 4th or Reverse 29 11742 Razor Drivetrain Tech
madquickyo F5M31 in 97 GST? 10 11643 madquickyo Drivetrain Tech
m3the01 PST Carbon Fiber 2g 2-piece Driveshaft, It's Arrived! 67 11569 m3the01 Drivetrain Tech
nastyleak Wheels dangerously locked up while driving 14 11560 nastyleak Drivetrain Tech
97GST6bolt How far should the slave cylinder rod extend to fully disengage the clutch??? 13 11501 97GST6bolt Drivetrain Tech
98TsiAWD How do you disable the clutch starter cutout switch thing? [Merged 10-6] 149 11473 98TsiAWD Drivetrain Tech
NHerron OEM weighted shift knobs! 82 11443 NHerron Drivetrain Tech
TurboFritz EVO 2 Transmission in 2g 11 11441 TurboFritz Drivetrain Tech
96whgsx Welded Center Diff as a Daily Driver? 65 11435 96whgsx Drivetrain Tech
dre99gsx dogbox 105 11279 dre99gsx Drivetrain Tech
ricktb pedal pressure soft at top hard at bottom..slipping clutch 11 11235 ricktb Drivetrain Tech
pj91gsx what is the gear ratio of a 2gb 97-99 gsx 10 11148 pj91gsx Drivetrain Tech
iRepDSM Need Help! CV Axle snapped! 16 11137 iRepDSM Drivetrain Tech
debbie Gearbox shimming expert needed 31 11134 debbie Drivetrain Tech
tobbern Transmission weight 7 11096 tobbern Drivetrain Tech
91gvr4gsr What tranny for 600-700hp 1g ???? take a look 44 11094 91gvr4gsr Drivetrain Tech
CPHunter Transmission Output shaft came out with Transfercase During Removal 14 11015 CPHunter Drivetrain Tech
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