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zkheasley's Naturally asperated money pit

Mitsubishi Eclipse N/T
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    I own it
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    • Rally
    Parts change pretty frequently as we are always looking for ways to make the most power possible. Changes are noted below.
    2014 Ported OEM intake, HKS 272 cams,ARP head studs,block bored .20 over 2.3 Stoker kit with Eagle H beam rods, Wiseco 10:1 pistons, 100mm Eagle crank, balance shaft delete, Egr deleted

    In 2015 we switched to a 2g head with a mild port job, HKS 272 cams, Brian Crowler valve train with 1mm oversized valves. OEM 2g intake reflanged to fit a 70mm throttle body. Previous years 100mm Eagle crank, Eagle 150mm rods and new Wiseco 12:1 pistons.

    For the 2016 season we added an evo 3 intake ported and honed for the 70mm throttle body. Most of the previous years engine was salvageable so only minor upgrades were made and the money was spent on other areas on the car. The pistons were upgraded to Wiseco 13:1 and a lighter OEM rod was used to reduce rotating weight. With the extra resources we upgraded the ecu with Ecmlink V3.

    For 2017 I'm using a 2.4 block, 156mm manley rods, manley light weight crank, a freash 2g head with bc springs and kelford cams. Also keeping previous years intake and throttle body. Tuning was done by Jp Riccio out of Independence Ohio. Jp was able to pull a additional 30 hp from previous years tune which makes a total increase of 70% over a stock na 1g.
    Mods-EMS & Logging:
    For years we've debated on getting some sort of tuning software so in 2016 we finally jumped in head first.... With the help of some good friends and Ecmtuning we created an animal of a naturally asperated 4g. The car is currently set up on Ecmlink v3 with an Innovate wideband and Innovate egt gauge. Rixracing out of Morgantown Wv provided tuning assistance, many parts and was a huge help getting the car set up on Ecmlink.
    Welded center differential. Aluminum Fidanza flywheel, Act 4 puck unsprung clutch
    Energy suspension polyurethane bushings full kit, KYB AGX adjustable struts, hypercoil springs, tubular cross members, AEM strut bars, 8 point chrome moly roll cage, and adjustable rear J bar for weight transfer. We also run Areo race wheels or Ford Crown Vic wheels (depending on rules), and anything and everything that is not necessary has been removed.
    Parts Wishlist:
    We could be here all day! Tubular a arms with more adjustment than stock.
    I was looking for a new hobby and ended up finding this car just sitting in the weeds on someone's property. I asked the owner what his plans were for the car and let's just say things didn't look good for the cars future. The car was pretty beat up so the chances of making this car 'nice' again were slim to none. I've owned several 2g street cars but I never owned a 1g. In our area we have several tracks that race a Non-Turbo FWD class. I thought that seemed like a great idea! At first we gutted the car, bought a cheap roll cage, got the motor running and put the car on the track, but as Ricky Bobby says: "If you're not first you're last", and I wanted a win pretty bad, so we bought a chrome moly light weight cage and started on the engine build.
    Our plan for 2017 is to get a track championship. We've been close the last few years but with the changes planned over the winter we should be very competitive in 2017.
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User Comments

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  1. bling5tatus
    It's awesome to see someone doing these types of mods to a car. This is all the "right" stuff that you'd do to make a turbo car fast too so it's no surprise that you're netting good performance from it in n/a form. Have you considered, or does it make any sense, to try using a mivec head on the car? I don't know how much of a pita it is to set up but I know Kiggly is running one on his car. Also, any links to videos of your car racing would be awesome. Thanks!
      zkheasley likes this.
    1. zkheasley
      Hey thanks man! Its been tons of work and money but hey everybody's gotta have a hobbie right? Mivec would definitely be a big step to take at this point but yes I've looked into it. Im still working the bugs out of the timing maps right now and I think once i find a spot that I'm still making decent power but eliminating the knock I should have more than enough to get me where I wanna be.
      zkheasley, Feb 3, 2017
    2. zkheasley
      Heres a old go pro video
      zkheasley, Feb 3, 2017
  2. RipperXX
    What's the engine making for hp and torque? Curious, haven't seen to many built NA 4g's
    1. zkheasley
      Im not sure, I hope to have it on a dyno in the comming months and I'll post the results on here.
      zkheasley, Jan 25, 2017
  3. orangutan
    May I ask if you considered Koni Yellows, and if you did but chose the KYB AGX over them what were your reasons?
    1. zkheasley
      Honestly I haven't and for no good reason. I get a decent deal on the kyb's and they seem to work ok. I'm always open to suggestions and advise though. How does the Koni's hold up on a rough driving surface and do they have you had any experience with them getting hot and blowing seals?
      zkheasley, Jan 24, 2017
    2. orangutan
      No experience personally. I only have read the contents of this website on the topic and I feel like it has a lot of persuasion to it in an unbiased manner.
      orangutan, Jan 25, 2017
  4. spyderdrifter
    So while looking at one of your engine pictures for an unrelated reason, I noticed your catch can also has what appears to be a coolant line running to it in addition to the normal lines. Is that how it's routed? If so, why?
    1. zkheasley
      No coolant lines there, haha, i have both outlets on the valve pan routed to the catch can and the exit now runs back to the intake tube. I'm sure it isnt the most effective way but of all the exits I've use this on has worked best.
      zkheasley, Jan 20, 2017
    2. spyderdrifter
      I see. That makes sense. In the picture it looked odd so I had to ask.
      spyderdrifter, Jan 20, 2017
  5. bastarddsm
    That's pretty wild man! Ever have it on a dyno?
      zkheasley likes this.
    1. zkheasley
      Thanks! Not yet but in the coming months it definitely will be. In the past years we've tuned it off data from the track, my plans are to have the car together and on the dyno by early april.
      zkheasley, Jan 18, 2017

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